Burnex Corp Products Used for Solar Panels

Burnex Corp products were used in a large Solar Panel installation project on the West Coast. One of our standard U-Nut Fasteners were used to attach the individual panels to the mounting structing for a Parking Lot.

Please contact us if we can be of any assistance to your fastening issues, for any industry!

Burnex Corp offers a unique planetary geared stamping and bending process capable of producing the complex geometries. We are able to perform this efficiently, while lowering the tool cost compared to many typical progressive and die shops. All of our tooling is completely designed, manufactured and maintained in house. We also offer progressive die punch press capabilities from 30 ton up to our servo controlled 110 ton press. We are TS/ISO certified and supply parts to automotive, medical, electronics, appliances, and many more!

Please contact Matt Gilmore (matt@burnexcorp.com)for more information.

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