Bunker Acquisition

COLUMBUS, Ohio (June 12, 2006) - Plaskolite, Inc. has signed an agreement
to purchase Bunker Plastics of Carrollton, Texas, a leading manufacturer of
acrylic and polycarbonate mirror; formed security and transportation mirror;
and coated sheet products.

This acquisition further strengthens Plaskolite's commitment to its
distributors. "Plaskolite continues to look for new products and acquisitions",
states Jim Dunn, CEO of Plaskolite.

The Bunker Plastics acquisition will strengthen Plaskolite's position in the
acrylic and polycarbonate mirror business. Additionally, it will strengthen
other markets of which Plaskolite is a participant. "The Bunker management
team has built Bunker Plastics into a well respected and strong leader in our
industry. We are excited about Bunker Plastics becoming part of Plaskolite",
states Mitch Grindley, Executive Vice President of Plaskolite.

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