Bulgarian President Rumen Radev Visits UltraFlex Bulgaria Headquarters

On February 17th, 2020 the President of Bulgaria Rumen Radev visited UltraFlex headquarters in Sofia, Bulgaria. The visit was paid following an invitation sent by the management team of the company, which in December 2019 was recognized with the “Innovative Enterprise of Year 2019” award. The award had then been handed over to UltraFlex by the President himself.

During his visit, Rumen Radev was first introduced to the company activities at a short presentation delivered by Spas Spasov - General Manager of UltraFlex Corporation. Later on, the head of the state paid a visit to UltraFlex Research and Development unit, their test applications laboratory, as well as the manufacturing department.

The engineering team of the company was proud to present the latest projects of UltraFlex in the sphere of medical electronics, automation and other industrial applications. An induction heating demonstration was also done using one of the latest and most advanced products of the company - Smart Power Compac System. Smart Power Compac is an innovative solution for induction heating that can be applied in all spheres where thermal manipulation of materials is involved - industrial, jewellery, laboratory, dental and medical electronics. It is a modular solution allowing for parallel heating of multiple materials and applying different parameters to them. It also allows to easily add extra modules when more power capacity is required. The solution sells on markets such as the USA, Canada, Turney and India.

UltraFlex Smart Power Compac system has contributed to a great extent to winning the “Innovative Enterprise of Year 2019” Award, surpassing serious competition by tens of other contestants for this award.

The President also paid a visit to Fabco company, which is part of UltraFlex Corporation and which specializes in metalworking for the needs of UltraFlex as well as for external customers, using advanced technology CNC machines.

Towards the end of his visit, the President greeted the entire team of UltraFlex: “The innovative companies in Bulgaria need more incentives and support, because they are the basis for the ongoing growth of the Bulgarian economics”.

“The visit of President Rumen Radev is giving confidence to both the management team and the employees of UltraFlex that the contribution of innovative companies like ours is accounted for and valued. We look forward with optimism to the constant growth and development of our company” - said UltraFlex Product Manager Nedelina Metodieva.

UltraFlex Power Technologies (https://ultraflexpower.com) was founded in New York by Nedelina and Mario Metodievi, and later on the entire manufacturing was moved to Sofia, Bulgaria. The company manufactures innovative, digitally controlled solutions for induction heating, induction melting and induction casting. The company is a two-times winner of Bulgarian President’s “Innovative Enterprise of the Year” award and among its customers are large global corporations in industries such as aircraft construction, automotive, electronics, chemical production and medicine electronics. Since 2017 the company has been granted a Certificate for Investor class B from the Bulgarian Investment Agency, as well as certificate ISO-9001. An important part of the company’s policy is the support and partnership with technical universities all around the world, Bulgaria included.

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