Building Safety Tech Provider Antlia Systems Introduces Advanced Non-contact Thermal Detection Systems Amid Pandemic

CHICAGO, Illinois, July 7, 2020 /PRNewswire/ -- As the COVID-19 pandemic continues to affect business in every sector, Chicago-based Antlia Systems – a woman and minority-owned business and leading supplier of safety technology systems – is now offering a suite of in-demand thermal detectors to meet the unexpected and growing need nationally.

"Prevention and early detection are vital to public safety. Identifying abnormal temperatures is a key aspect of returning to everyday life," said Amy Yu, Antlia Systems co-founder and CEO. "We quickly vetted a reliable suite of non-contact thermal detection devices designed with the most advanced technology to detect the most common symptom of COVID-19: fever."

"When the global pandemic hit, we immediately expanded products to address new health and safety concerns," added co-founder Michael George. "Thermal detection is the solution to returning to work. Non-contact thermal detection allows businesses to reopen safely and demonstrate their commitment to health."

Antlia System's temperature screening products are fully functional out of the box, can be customized, and optionally integrate with existing building management systems. The variety of systems include:

  • Contactless Thermal Detection Box (ANT-530)

An affordable, precise body temperature measuring device suitable for retail small business applications. Can be mounted to a wall, pole, or stand on a desk. Green and red lights indicate in- and out-of-range body temperatures and can give voice prompts in a variety of languages.

  • Thermal Detection Kiosk with Facial Recognition (ANT-FR-Q9)

The contactless ANT-FR-Q9 can identify employees and guests as they enter a building or office, check temperatures, and confirm they are wearing mask in under a second. Functions as a standalone terminal, or can be integrated with building doors and entry turnstiles.

A hybrid infrared and visible light camera system designed to efficiently scan large groups of up to 50 people simultaneously with a pinpoint ±0.3 degrees of accuracy. Distinguishes human faces from inanimate objects to prevent false positives. Developed for use in high traffic areas like building lobbies and transit hubs.

  • Integrated Walk-Through Thermal and Metal Detection Gate (ANT-7000i)

For facilities that need to screen for both fever and weapons, the ANT-7000i offers an all-in-one solution that processes up to 60 visitors a minute. Offers the appearance, functionality and dimensions of a standard walk-through screening gate.

Antlia's screening systems are used in many different public, private and nonprofit environments nationally including schools, government buildings, sports and entertainment venues, offices, airports and more. Notable clients include the US Federal Reserve Banks, Kohler, Marie's Salad Dressings, Walsh Construction, the City of Chicago, the Chicago Transit Authority, the greater Chicago area Bellwood School District, and the South Bend Housing Authority in Indiana.

Antlia Sytems' sophisticated security and thermal detection products provide safety and protection across North and Central America without compromising on the freedom of movement the world needs to thrive. For more information visit Images and other media files may be downloaded from

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