Builders Automation has been in Business for Over 20 Years .....

Builders Automation has been in business for over 20 years providing quality equipment to the door and stair industry. We not only engineer and build our own line of equipment but we also offer an engineering service where we will design equipment to meet your specific special needs, do conceptual drawings, build the equipment, install and service the equipment.

We have built several one of a kind special machines for door manufacturers, specifically automatic latch stile, hinge stile and lock block machines.

Below are links to YouTube videos showing the machines in operation that we have built for one of our best customers, a leading interior door manufacturer located in Texas. Latch Stile Machine Hinge Stile Machine Lock Block Machine

We also have in stock a diverse selection of used/rebuilt door and stair machines.

Door Machines (995E, 996E)

Door Equipment

Pre Hung Door Machines

1296 Door Assembly Machine

OHT (Overhead Template Machine)

845 Trim Saw

T Astrical Router

Ball Catch Mortise Machine

Ball Catch Drill Unit

Stair Machines

Stair Equipment

MFSR (Multi-Function Stair Stringer Router

2200 Wedge Cutter Saw

2210 Staircase Assembly Clamp

PLC 2001 Loader

Latch Stile

Hinge Stile

Lock Block

Ovation Series Casing Application Center

CNC Machine

PVC Oven

Builders Automation Machinery is proud to provide door machines, stair machines and custom built machines engineered and American built by Builders Automation's in-house expert craftsmen.

You can visit our Website for more information as well as a parts catalog.

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