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Buckeye Shapeform's Plastic Enclosure Technology

Press release date: Aug 16, 2011

Technology Aids in Parkinson's Disease Treatment

COLUMBUS, Ohio - Buckeye Shapeform's Plastic Enclosure Technology (PET) allows for highly customized plastic electronic enclosures, which has proved helpful in FHC's quest to treat Parkinson's Disease.

PET is designed expressly for rapid and frequent changes during product development. Plastic electronic enclosures have a durable plastic finish and ready-for-market appearance of injected molded parts, but provide more flexibility for the constant modifications in the design process, development and manufacturing. Buckeye Shapeform engineers use a unique process and techniques that utilize leading CAM software, custom 3-axis CNC routers and automated heat bending machines to produce configurations of virtually any kind to an extruded plastic sheet. Available design features include tongue and groove joints, small and large radius bends, edge chambers, reveals and radii, snap joints and catches, hinges and interlocks, sliding panels and label recesses. The plastic enclosures' unique technology and design versatility allow for the finest customization.

For example, FHC, Inc., a product design and manufacturer for neuroscience and neurosurgical research for more than 30 years, needed an enclosure small enough to fit Display and Power Assist accessories for their MicroTargeting Drive Systems, a breakthrough piece of technology used to treat patients with Parkinson's Disease. The case also needed to consist of high-quality, durable plastic, electromagnetic interference (EMI) shielding properties and a professional look that mirrored similar products in its line. Buckeye Shapeform used the PET to create a custom enclosure that fit these and other requirements while maintaining a quick and cost-effective development process. For more information about this case, visit

"PET offers a number of important benefits key to FHC's product," explains Dustin McMillan, project manager at Buckeye Shapeform. "First, PET results in high quality custom plastic enclosures while offering the flexibility to make frequent, rapid and affordable design changes-a plus in any product development initiative. In the case of FHC's products, PET also permits some of the smallest, lightest cases, which is key with products that need to be stored, managed and organized in a busy, crowded surgical environment."

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