BSG Alliance Acquires Business Simulation Software and Services Provider, Industrial Science, LLC

AUSTIN, Texas, Oct. 3 /-- BSG Alliance Corporation, the platform for Next Generation Enterprises, On Demand, today announced it has acquired Houston-based Industrial Science, LLC and integrated the company's advanced, business-simulation frameworks and technology into the BSG Alliance on-demand applications platform.

"We are tremendously excited about the addition of Industrial Science's technology and team to BSG Alliance and our next generation enterprise (NGE) applications platform," said Steve Papermaster, chairman and CEO of BSG Alliance Corp. "The world's leading organizations, such as BP, Merck & Co., P&G, and Southwest Airlines, have cited the compelling benefits of business simulation. Simulation, On Demand, is a fundamental requirement for companies seeking to become next generation enterprises and is now a key capability of BSG's NGE platform, rounding out our research & education, strategy consulting, technology delivery, and applications offerings."

Industrial Science has over two dozen customers, mostly large enterprises such as Ford Motor Company, that employ its advanced analytic, scientific, and three-dimensional visualization tools to address complex business and management problems. With its simulations solutions, Industrial Science has successfully addressed complex business challenges such as:
o Streamlining global enterprise information technology environments
o Challenging industry-wide heuristics in the oil and gas exploration
o Optimizing cost effectiveness of complex logistics routing and
operations in multiple industries

"Our business simulations have been proven in the marketplace with a variety of demanding clients in a wide range of industries," said George Danner, Industrial Science's CEO. "The combination of our work with BSG Alliance's NGE platform is not only a natural fit, but also the next logical extension of simulation into Enterprise 2.0 environments. This is a very powerful problem-solving capability that customers have been seeking, and we are ready to serve that market."

With the acquisition by BSG Alliance Corp., Mr. Danner, the founder of Industrial Science, and Howard Park, the company's chief technology associate, will continue with roles in BSG Alliance's on-demand applications division. Among the priorities will be further integration of the Industrial Science business-simulation frameworks and technology into the BSG applications platform.

"Our goal with the BSG applications platform is to provide customers with an ability to do more than just talk to their consultant and staff about what the adoption of web and enterprise 2.0 concepts can do for their business," said Steve Douty, president of BSG Alliance's applications division. "With the addition of the Industrial Science technology and core team, we've added another capability that customers can use, on demand, to immediately, and continuously, evaluate the impact of various strategic alternatives to critical areas of their business."

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