Brookfield LFRA Texture Analyzers Go to Universities for Food Science Research

Middleboro, MA - Brookfield Engineering Laboratories has created a loan program to Universities featuring the LFRA Texture Analyzer. Through this program, Brookfield has made LFRA Texture Analyzers available to Universities that have Food Science Programs.

The instruments are loaned specifically for the purpose of conducting Food Science Research with the expectation that results will be published in technical journals, trade journals and/or presented at technical conferences. The goal of this program is to identify Applications where Food Texture Research can be brought to the commercial marketplace resulting in improved product quality and consistency.

The LFRA Texture Analyzer combines simplicity of operation with a load capacity to 4.5 Kg. The flexible LFRA Texture Analyzer features a variety of test method choices, with a high level of resolution and accuracy. The Texture Profile Analysis with Excel based software enables researchers to generate valuable analytical data. Typical Food Texture Applications include: measurement of butter and cheese products, sauces, doughs and baked goods, gels, vegetables, meat products, candies, yogurts and puddings.

Brookfield has a wide variety of standard probes, fittings and accessories for specific applications and can provide customized components for new applications.

For more information on the enhanced LFRA Texture Analyzer Loan Program, contact Brookfield at 800-628-8139 or visit us on the web at

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