BriskHeat Releases New 13th Edition Product Catalog with Bonus Video Content

Columbus, OH (October 19, 2011) - BriskHeat Corporation, the leader in flexible electric heating technology and temperature control, announces the release of the new BriskHeat 13th Edition product catalog. With thousands of solutions to choose from, this 116-page catalog is the complete, go-to thermal solutions guide for maintenance, engineering, production, and procurement professionals around the world.

"The 13th Edition catalog is a major evolution for BriskHeat and the entire heat trace industry." explains Craig Wilson, Director of Marketing. "Not only do we offer the widest variety of surface heating solutions, our catalog is now smart phone enabled with QR code links to bonus videos found throughout the catalog. These QR codes give you instant access to our extensive video library, no matter where you are located. These videos provide training, enhance the buying experience, and make it that much easier to select the right solution for your application."

In addition, BriskHeat has released a new, fully animated, virtual E-Catalog at Now it is easier to view, download, print, and share the thousands of heating and temperature control solutions with your colleagues. Contacting BriskHeat is always easy. Choices include local distributors, online store, national catalogs, and a full staff of experts at the factory to solve your most difficult heating application.

Get your FREE copy of BriskHeat's 13th Edition Product Catalog today at or by calling BriskHeat at 1-800-848-7673.

Need help getting started with QR codes? Download BriskHeat's handy quick-start guide to QR codes.

About BriskHeat:
BriskHeat, the leader in flexible surface heat, has over 62 years of experience solving and servicing industrial heat applications worldwide. BriskHeat provides personalized service and solutions designed exactly for your application. BriskHeat's core technology is a proven knit and braid heating element that provides uniform, flexible, and long-lasting, trouble-free operation.

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Phone: 800-848-7673 (U.S. and Canada) 614-294-3376 (Worldwide)

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