Bridgeport Fittings Ends Year on "Mighty" Strong Note

American Manufacturer launches innovative Mighty-B(TM) products in 2010 to help make a contractor's job get "done fast, done right"

STRATFORD, Conn., (December 20, 2010) - Bridgeport Fittings, a leading supplier of quality fittings to the industrial, commercial and residential channels of the electrical industry, marked 2010 with a leap forward in innovative product solutions with the introduction of its Mighty-B(TM) product line. Mighty-B(TM) products are focused on getting a contractor's job "done fast, done right." The solutions are labor saving or problem solving devices - some unique in their design - that cover a full range of connectors, couplings and other innovative product categories.

To support the 2010 launch of this new line of high-performance products, Bridgeport introduced the line's all-American representative - Mighty-B(TM) himself. Mighty-B(TM), a "mighty-man" superhero with a flowing cape and the Bridgeport "B" emblazoned upon his chest, stands for the innovation, speed and maneuverability of the Mighty-B(TM) product family. Since his formal debut at NECA in September, Mighty-B(TM) had performed his job so well and speedily that he was named Manager of Product Promotions of all Mighty-B(TM) products in November. The superhero has his own webpage ( and Twitter following ( through which he can be readily accessible and helpful to the contractor in the field.

The year also saw Bridgeport's on-going commitment to environmental and corporate-citizen responsibilities. During 2010, Bridgeport brought together, under one umbrella initiative, called the Green Stewardship Project, the different environmental efforts the company has been engaged in for many years. The project's more efficient focus on environmental issues to minimize the manufacturer's environmental impact is also aimed at reducing Bridgeport's overall operating costs for the ultimate benefit of the customer. Meanwhile, Bridgeport maintained its support of local charitable organizations during 2010 in communities where the company has been an important neighbor for more than 80 years.

"Not only is Bridgeport continuing to innovate with such high-performance products as the Mighty-B(TM) line," said Paul Suzio, Bridgeport president and COO, "but we also are continuing to invest in our own U.S. manufacturing base. During 2010, nearly three-quarters of our product volume was manufactured right here in America. We look forward to maintaining and growing this commitment to customers and the community at-large in 2011 and the years beyond."

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