Brady Corporation and Nanoventions Enter into Worldwide Distribution Agreement for Unison® Micro-Optic Products

New material to be used for overt brand authentication in anti-counterfeiting security products and brand enhancement solutions

MILWAUKEE - (January 9, 2007) - Brady Corporation (NYSE:BRC) has signed a worldwide distribution agreement with Nanoventions, Inc. of Alpharetta, Georgia, to develop product identification and anti-counterfeiting security products utilizing Nanoventions' unique Unison micro-optic security film. Brady has obtained the exclusive global rights to distribute the material for certain product applications, including handheld phones and accessories, computer hardware and peripherals, electronic components, computer software, printing supplies, automotive parts, electrical equipment, aerospace parts, sporting goods, medical devices and supplies, branded apparel and footwear, and non-government related identification badges and cards.

Scott Hoffman, Brady's senior vice president of global die cut operations notes, "One of the reasons that we were interested in working with Nanoventions is because their technology represents the next generation in overt security. The benefit of using overt authentication in products or materials subject to counterfeiting is that the consumer can easily validate the authenticity."

Dennis Polinski, Brady's brand protection solutions global business manager adds, "Brady has worked closely with Nanoventions over the past two years as a secure converter of their technology, creating literally hundreds of millions of labels that have been sold worldwide. The Unison technology that Brady will now distribute can be utilized in all parts of the supply chain to protect against counterfeiting and preserve the integrity of branded products."

Unison® Micro-Optic Security Film is a revolutionary advance in materials for anti-counterfeiting and brand protection. Unison films are not holographic - they attain their remarkable visual effects by a method called "synthetic imaging", whereby thousands, or even millions, of minute geometrical-optic image projectors coordinate to project images into the space above or below the film. Each image projector is so tiny that seven of them could fit on the end of a hair!

Unison film is a thin (1.5 mil/37 microns), all-polymer, multi-layer film that is highly resistant to counterfeiting. It is the first-ever material to incorporate printing at a resolution of better than 100,000 dots per inch (dpi). The micro-printed information within a Unison film is precision aligned with micron-scale projection optics to create images that float above or below the film surface, turn on and off, or show simple animated motion. The film is available in several different customizable options, each displaying a different visual effect. Multiple effects can also be combined in one film.

Unlike holograms, Unison images do not have to compromise visual depth for use under diffuse illumination. The unique, compelling and memorable visual effects displayed by Unison films are easily seen in all kinds of lighting.

Unison film's unique microstructure and the precise alignment of its components pose high barriers to counterfeiting: it's already being used to protect currencies and international brands around the world. The distinctive appearance of Unison film's visual effects cannot be effectively simulated by holograms, Diffractive Optical Variable Image Devices (DOVIDs), or lenticular materials.

"Nanoventions is excited to expand its distribution capabilities through this strategic relationship with Brady" stated Brian Martin, president and chief executive officer of Nanoventions. "We have worked with Brady over the last couple of years. This agreement simply formalizes an already exceptional working relationship. We are fortunate to team up with a company of Brady's caliber."

Brady is committed to helping companies protect their products and brand name investment. Brady's research and development, coating and certified secure global converting capabilities - coupled with proven authentication technologies - supply chain control, and integration services, provide for a world-class approach to tamper prevention and brand protection.

Brady Corporation is a certified member of the North American Security Products Organization (NASPO) and sits on its board of directors. NASPO is a non-profit standards organization formed by security product users and technology suppliers to define, document and maintain relevant security risk management standards for reducing financial fraud, identity document fraud and dilution of brand integrity. Brady's U.S. location has been NASPO certified since February 2004, while Brady's plant in Singapore, received certification in October 2006. Brady is the first company to receive a certification outside of North America. For additional information about NASPO, visit

For information about Brady's Brand Protection Solutions, contact the Brady Brand Protection Solution Center at 1-800-297-5778, or visit

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