Bostech's New ChainBuilder ESB Enables Communication Between Applications in a Service Oriented Architecture

The new Visual Application Integration software, built to Java Business Integration specifications, is available under an Open Source license at

INDIANAPOLIS -- October 30, 2006 -- Bostech Corporation, a leading provider of embedded enterprise integration software solutions, announced today ChainBuilder® ESB, a new Java Business Integration (JBI) compliant solution for use in Service Oriented Architecture (SOA) environments. An Enterprise Service Bus (ESB) is considered to be the least complex, lowest cost approach to implementing a Service Oriented Architecture. ChainBuilder ESB is a product that includes an Enterprise Service Bus and additional integration functionality to enable an enterprise's disparate software systems to plug into the ESB. The alpha version of this java based application is available for immediate free download at

Among the first JBI compliant integration applications available, ChainBuilder ESB offers a state-of-the-art graphical (rather than a programmatic) user interface. What this means for developers is a premier Visual Enterprise Integration solution where individual ESB services and other integrated application components can be shown in a high-level graphical integration flow. This visual depiction of the entire integration environment allows developers to step back and consider the flow of their business application integration and then drill down on each component to define specifics.

"We created ChainBuilder ESB to allow enterprises to utilize the valuable services provided by their current disparate enterprise applications within their new SOA infrastructures," said David Bourke, President of Bostech Corporation. "We believe both old and new applications should all work together seamlessly and we're thrilled to offer a solution that accomplishes just that. Use of our Java Business Integration compliant tool in the SOA environment allows organizations to leverage their investment in mature technologies while staying up to date with the latest IT philosophies."

ChainBuilder ESB components are written in Java and easily configured via a graphical user interface plugged into the popular Eclipse development platform. The product's adherence to the JBI specification and use with open source tools like Eclipse, illustrates Bostech's commitment to standards-based, open technology. The Alpha release of ChainBuilder ESB shows feature depth with several editors, including component flow, mapping, custom format and EDI X12 editors.

"Interestingly, since the JBI standard is based on XML messages, integration products to date have centered solely on XML translations." says Eric Lu, CTO of Bostech Corporation, "But Bostech understands most integration efforts include strategic backend systems that operate with non-XML data formats. We made sure that this initial offering of ChainBuilder ESB had industry standard editors to manage EDI X12, fixed and variable formats - the formats that organizations with legacy enterprise applications absolutely require. Supporting these unique data formats offers businesses a critical advantage to accelerate the incorporation of their disparate applications entry into an SOA environment."

Bostech Corporation is deploying a dual-license distribution model for ChainBuilder ESB. Developers can download the open source software under the common GPL license. Additionally, these open source developers can purchase a subscription that provides ChainBuilder ESB training, support and intellectual property indemnification. A commercial license is also available.

An alpha version of ChainBuilder ESB is available for download now, while the generally available version will release January 15, 2007. For an immediate free download of ChainBuilder ESB, visit

Bostech Corporation consists of a team of early pioneers in the integration software market place. Bostech's ChainBuilder is a prominent cross-industry integration tool used by organizations ranging from e-commerce retailers like to energy producers like Aventine Renewable Energy. Bostech helps these businesses seamlessly share, exchange, and transact critical information with their customers, suppliers, partners, and employees. Headquartered in Indianapolis, Indiana, with company operations in Columbus, Ohio and Beijing, China, Bostech Corporation was founded by Brad Bostic and is privately owned. For more information, visit us at or 614-918-2880.

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