Bodine Electric Standard Products Reduce Development Time and Cost

CHICAGO, IL (May, 2008) - Bodine Electric Company now offers over 1,000 standard models of AC induction, permanent magnet DC, and brushless DC fractional horsepower [FHP] gearmotors, motors, controls, and motor accessories. The range of standard products allows design engineers to evaluate quickly which technology best meets their application needs. Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) can access models for immediate delivery from a global network of over 600 authorized distributors or directly from, often making costly and time-consuming custom prototype development unnecessary.

Paul Martin, regional sales manager for Bodine Electric explains: "design engineers often call me and discuss a gearmotor with certain speed-torque characteristics, but too often, they don't know all the electrical requirements or constraints. In many cases, we start out sizing an AC gearmotor and later find out that the equipment was switched to, for example, low-voltage 24VDC. With Bodine Electric's breadth of standard products, I just say 'no problem' and we select a standard gearmotor with the required mechanical features that also meets the new electrical characteristics."

A Wide Selection of Motion Control Solutions
The shear number of standard AC, permanent magnet DC, brushless DC products, as well as system matched controls offered by Bodine makes them a good first-source for motion control solutions.

Bodine standard AC induction gearmotors and motors with horsepower ranging from 1/200 hp to 1/2 hp are designed for fixed-speed applications. Speed range within the product line extends from 3.8 to 3,600 rpm. Bodine also offers several synchronous AC induction motors as standard stock items. The high-performance Pacesetter(TM) 3-phase AC inverter-duty gearmotors are rated up to ¾ hp, and are designed to be used for a wide range of variable-speed applications. They combine the maintenance-free benefits of all Bodine AC gearmotors along with variable-speed, and up to 1000 lb-in. torque.

Bodine Electric permanent magnet DC gearmotors, motor and DC speed controls provide lower cost options for variable speed. DC gearmotors and motors feature highly predictable, linear speed-torque curves and very high starting torque capabilities. The standard product line includes models with speeds from 5.8 to 11,500 rpm and torque values of up to 660 lb-in.

Bodine brushless DC products provide the high performance of brush-type DC motors, but without the need for brush maintenance. They are designed for applications that operate at standard speeds, but high-speed motors are also available. Speed ranges extend from 8 to 10,000 rpm, and torque values up to 350 lb-in. Bodine Electric also offers an extensive line of INTEGRAmotor(TM) motors and gearmotors, which combine a brushless motor or gearmotor and a PWM control in one compact package (available with analog or PWM signal input).

Bodine Electric is the exclusive source for the innovative "pancake style" e-TORQ(TM) brushless DC servo-motor. The unique design of the e-TORQ motor eliminates the need for gearheads and provides very smooth operation without cogging and vibration at low speeds. Bodine currently offers two standard frame sizes as standard products, a 7-inch diameter model that produces up to 20 lb-in, and a 14-inch diameter model that provides up to 200 lb-in of torque. A special 9-inch diameter model is also available for OEM applications.

About Bodine:
Founded in 1905, Bodine Electric Company manufactures a wide range of standard fractional horsepower (less than 1 HP, 746 Watts) gearmotors, motors and electronic speed controls. In addition, Bodine Electric has designed thousands of custom gearmotors, motors and motion controls (AC induction, Brushless DC, and Permanent Magnet DC) for OEM customers in the USA and around the world. Known for their reliability, long life and competitive prices, Bodine products are found in many demanding industrial and commercial applications such as packaging and labeling equipment, printing presses, photocopier, scientific, medical, and laboratory equipment, and factory automation. Bodine is headquartered in Chicago, Illinois with manufacturing and assembly operations in Peosta, Iowa, U.S.A.

Contact: Edmund Glueck - Manager, Marketing and Product Development

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