BlueHydraulics for Forestry Machinery: Energy Saving, Efficiency Raising, Emissions Controlled

High-efficiency hydraulic solutions from Rexroth reduce diesel fuel consumption and reduce operating costs

Mobile hydraulics components and system solutions from Rexroth which are already designed for the new TIER 4 final regulations significantly reduce diesel fuel consumption and emissions in mobile work equipment used in the forestry industry. The BlueHydraulics technologies introduced at INTERFORST compensate for the expected power losses in TIER 4 final engines without sacrificing the accustomed machine performance and handling capacity. Innovative brake systems increase safety and comfort even in rough terrain.

At INTERFORST 2010 Rexroth will introduce a wide range of solutions for meeting TIER 4 final emissions regulations. Rexroth is the only manufacturer to combine hydraulics know-how with electronic control and software expertise. The fuel consumption savings achievable with BlueHydraulics reduce the operating costs of forestry machinery while maintaining at minimum the accustomed level of work performance. This gives OEMs numerous options for using sustainable hydraulics solutions to quickly meet the strict TIER 4 final requirements with future-proof concepts.

DHC networks diesel engine and hydraulics control

Diesel Hydraulic Control DHC from Rexroth features digital networking of the travel drive and implement hydraulics with the diesel engine ECU to realize fuel consumption savings of up to 20 percent with correspondingly reduced harmful emissions. DHC enables lower consumption while maintaining the accustomed dynamic response in complex motion with multiple actuators. The diminished engine output resulting from downsizing concepts and lowered engine speeds is thereby intelligently compensated. DHC achieves significant consumption and emissions reduction immediately in the existing generation of diesel engines.

Saving excess energy

In addition to direct electronic networking, world market leader Rexroth offers a variety of other consumption-reducing solutions for the broad range of mobile work equipment in forestry operations. The patented Hydraulic Fly Wheel (HFW) from Rexroth for example stores unused and excess energy and efficiently makes it available just where it is needed. HFW can be used for energy recovery, power smoothing, downsizing of the diesel engine or as a boost function.

Cooling on demand

Hydrostatic fan drives designed for the harsh conditions of forestry take over management of the cooling circuit on forestry machinery. They reliably keep the combustion engine at an ideal operating temperature regardless of engine speed. The intelligent fan drives from Rexroth cool water, oil, charge air as well as the returned exhaust gas at the same time. The control electronics communicate with numerous sensors via CAN bus and steplessly varies the fan speed independently of the diesel engine speed. In reversing operation the fan changes its direction of rotation to prevent dust and particles from accumulating in the radiator and allowing the engine to overheat. The dirt is simply blown in the opposite direction, carrying it outside. The standstill option turns the fan completely off at startup or when outside temperatures are very low. The combustion engine thus reaches its operating temperature sooner and thus harmful emissions are reduced.

Space-saving, safe brake systems

Rexroth complements the hydrostatic travel drive with efficient and safe brake systems. The LT13H space-saving power brake systems consists of a hydraulically actuated 2-circuit compact brake block with integrated accumulator charging valve and electrically actuated hand brake function. This solution not only reduces system costs with its flexible installation possibilities and minimal piping and cabling requirements, but is also ideal for movable rotate- and lift cabins. Undesired heat and noise are prevented from entering the cabin while sensitive control on differential grades is increased.

Rexroth at Interforst 2010: hall B5, booth 339

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