Blue Thunder Set to Offer the Bootie Butler Automatic Bootie Dispenser

Enfield, CT – Blue Thunder Technologies, a distributor and manufacturer of supplies for cleanroom and industrial applications has been announced as a North American distributor of the Bootie Butler Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser. They will offer the full Bootie Butler system, which includes the KineticButler (large and small), the Bootie Butler Shoe Cover Remover, and Bootie Butler shoe cover refills.

The Bootie Butler Automatic Shoe Cover Dispenser is offered in two sizes: KineticButler Large, with a shoe cover capacity of 110 pairs and KineticButler Small, with a shoe cover capacity of 55 pairs.

This automatic shoe cover dispenser is designed to be a safer, faster, hands-free / bend-free method of dressing into shoe covers. It is intended to be used in a variety of industries and applications including healthcare, cleanroom / laboratories, industrial, real estate, construction, residential installations and more. The Bootie Butler is ideal for moderate to high volume areas where safety, speed and compliance are critical.

The Bootie Butler offers the following features:

• Improves worker safety compliance

• Reduces cross-contamination and re-work

• Hands-free ergonomic operation

• Reduces application time (more than 4x faster than manual application)

• Easy to clean and easy to use

Blue Thunder Technologies is a global distributor and manufacturer of cleanroom and industrial supplies. Their product line-up includes cleanroom wipes, cleanroom gloves, cleanroom apparel and other supplies used in the medical, pharmaceutical, life science, laboratory and electronics industries.

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