Blood-Cell-Washing Centrifuge

Fullerton, CA – Centra™ W Cell Washer from Thermo Fisher Scientific is now available on Laboratory-Equipment's website. This unique benchtop centrifuge can be used for contamination-free blood-cell washing, or spinning any typical sample for up to 999 seconds. It offers both automated and manual operation modes. Maximum speed (60 Hz) is 3,550 rpm.

Tube agitation steps help to thoroughly mix the blood sample with antiglobulin reagents, as well as form dense red-cell buttons. Applications include Rh testing, ABO compatibility and Coombs procedure (direct antiglobulin test). Steps are easy to monitor, and pause if necessary, using the digital LED display, push-button control pad. Alerts tell users when cycles are complete, or reagent levels are low.

Only saline is pumped in through tubes and used to wash the blood. Centra W Cell Washer has a unique decanting system that prevents cross-contamination of samples, plus ensures a dry RBC button. The centrifuge is maintenance-free and is made of non-corroding, damage-resistant polypropylene with brushless motor. Centra W complies with 510(k) safety guidelines.

Laboratory-Equipment, a Terra Universal brand, offers hundreds of top-tier laboratory instruments and supplies. For more information about Thermo Fisher Scientific's Centra W Cell Washer Centrifuge, visit the Laboratory-Equipment website.


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