Blaser Swisslube Inc. Grindex fluid for Grinding Applications

Blaser Swisslube Inc., premier supplier of high end Swiss quality metal working fluids offers the Grindex line of water miscible synthetic grinding fluids. Grindex mineral oil free grinding fluids provide ideal rinsing and settling behavior required in modern grinding operations. Grindex runs at low concentrations and is best suited for steel and irons.

Two versions of Grindex are available; Grindex 10, which is the normal version, and Grindex 10CO, which is highly inhibited for carbide grinding to prevent cobalt leaching. Both versions offer excellent corrosion protection even when used at low concentrations. Grindex fluids are engineered to ensure good washing action and foam protection. The fluids are transparent when mixed in water and suited to applications using all wheels with any grit.

Founded in 1936 Blaser Swisslube Inc. has created lubrication solutions for nearly 70 years. Blaser metal working fluids are recognized world wide for dependability in improving tool life, production, and part quality while reducing overall production costs. Blaser products are developed by a team of researchers in laboratories at the Blaser headquarters in Switzerland, and US production is based in Goshen, NY. For more information about Blaser please visit

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