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BJM Pumps Releases New 3D Shredder Video

Press release date: Jul 21, 2014

Now available as an invaluable marketing tool from BJM Pumps, the first-ever 3D video showcases the BJM Shredder Pump in action! A flash drive of the video and 25 glasses are on their way to you by mail and should arrive soon.

The new 3D video has been created in order to assist you in your marketing and sales efforts. When meeting with prospective or existing customers, give them the glasses and show the video on the flash drive (or on the BJM Pumps web page).

The website landing page,, can also be found on the glasses, as a reminder for them. Let them know that they can view the video in both 2D and 3D anytime.

You can also request additional glasses on our Contact Us page. The video is viewable in both 2D or 3D*, at