Bitrix .NET Forge CMS - a New Content Management System with a Community Edition

ALEXANDRIA, Virginia - .NET Forge CMS [ ] is a new website CMS for web developers who know and love .NET technology. The new product includes a free Community edition and a Professional edition with e-commerce capabilities.

.NET Forge CMS is a professional platform for .NET developers with ORM tools and MVC architecture which are field-tested in large projects.

Bitrix .NET Forge 6.0 is the heir of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET [ ], but differs significantly in its orientation to the .NET developers. .NET Forge CMS has now two editions: Community [ ] and Professional [ ]. The free Community edition allows the fast creation of a website fully measuring up to demands of today's web with a no-cost, integrated platform. The business version adds an e-commerce module and can handle high-traffic sites and well as providing massive scalability. Both versions are highly stable and secure.

New version differs greatly from its predecessor: it introduces the integrated Amber Ergonomics interface, multi-site support, cache dependencies, SKU in the e-store and a new policy for licensing.

The Amber Ergonomics interface combines basic content management functionality with performance and monitoring instruments for optimization of site performance, as well as a set of recommendations for site developers which maximize the speed, security and convenience of site management.

.NET Forge CMS 6.0 supports any number of sites with different domain names on a single installation.

Cache Dependencies, also new in .NET Forge CMS 6.0, serve to update data immediately upon modification. This technology allows the changes in the site to be seen instantly, without the next scheduled refresh of the cache.

The built-in SKU (Stock Keeping Unit) feature in the internet store allows the system to manage items which have several varying characteristics (size, color, options), and to reflect those differences in the price.

Bitrix now produces site management systems for two of the most popular platforms of today: PHP and ASP.NET. The products are developed separately and their functionality intersections significantly but not fully. The new .NET Forge CMS is the continuation of Bitrix Site Manager ASP.NET, which is now retired as a product.

The free Community edition and trial version of the Professional edition can be found at More details about .NET Forge CMS can be found on the site

Source: Bitrix, Inc.

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