Biophotonic Solutions to Present Ultrafast Laser Pulse Shaping Workshop

6th Annual Event to Combine Expert Lectures with Hands-On Laser Pulse Shaping Experience

EAST LANSING, Mich. – Biophotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI), the world leader in automated laser pulse compression, will collaborate with Michigan State University (MSU) to present the 2013 Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop from August 19th through the 21st on the MSU campus in East Lansing. The event will feature lectures from leading ultrafast laser experts and provide participants with a full day of hands-on experimentation on a wide array of ultrafast lasers equipped with BSI's advanced pulse shaping instruments.

"The Ultrafast Pulse Shaping Workshop will provide attendees with the opportunity to learn about pulse shaping both from a conceptual standpoint and through first-hand experience on the laser systems we'll have running," said Kiyomi Monro, Biophotonic Solutions CEO. "It's a great opportunity for researchers to find out how they could improve their laser lab setups and for commercial laser users to get a sense of how adaptive pulse compression might enhance the reliability of their applications and reduce their maintenance costs."

Typically used for scientific research, ultrafast laser technology in the multi-femtosecond range also offers advantages for many commercial applications from biomedical imaging and ophthalmology to micromachining and standoff detection. However, femtosecond laser systems can be challenging to implement, demanding manual tweaking from a laser expert to fine-tune their output.Biophotonic Solutions' automated pulse compression technology, called MIIPS®, was invented at MSU and is being developed and commercialized by BSI. MIIPS technology allowsusers to quickly measure, compress, and shape ultrafast laser pulses, automatically delivering optimized laser light to the target.

BSI, in collaboration with MSU, has held the pulse shaping workshop every August since 2008, bringing together participants in the field of ultrafast pulse shaping and offering hands-on experience with MIIPS-equipped systems. The 2013 eventwill feature talks from BSI founder and Michigan State University professor Dr. Marcos Dantus,along with other experts from BSI and research institutions inthe United States, Europe and Canada. Among the material covered, attendees will hear how MIIPS technology could replace other costly instruments in the lab and how users are breaking new ground in their applications. In addition, two lasers capable of producing sub-six femtosecond pulses will be included in the hands-on demonstrations.

Individuals interested in attending the workshop can learn more about the event and register online via

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Biophotonic Solutions Inc. (BSI; is the world leader in automated, adaptive femtosecond laser pulse compression and shaping. BSI develops, licenses, and sells cost-effective solutions that drive the ultimate performance from lasers for high-precision imaging, material processing, and other applications where transform-limited ultrafast pulses are desirable at the focal plane. BSI's products, based on exclusively licensed technology, unlock the latent power of ultrafast lasers for industrial, scientific, medical, and defense applications.


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