Bioformix, Inc. Teams with Precision Valve and Automation (PVA) to Automate Glue Application Process for Wood Products Manufacturing

CINCINNATI – Bioformix, Inc., the creator of the award-winning Nexabond™ 2500 Instant Wood Adhesives line, has formed a strategic partnership with dispensing and material handling expert Precision Valve and Automation (PVA) to offer cabinet and furniture makers a faster, more precise, and cost-saving system for applying adhesives.

In the woodworking industry, gluing panels, door frames, corners and other joints has traditionally been a manual step, even for high-volume shops. This is because of the difficulties managing the current waterborne adhesive systems and their application process.

Because of the unique, water and solvent-free formula of Nexabond 2500 Instant Wood Adhesives, manufacturers can now achieve high-strength bonds in minutes, making them ideal for integration into an automated assembly process, and allowing first-in, first-out solutions, and just-in-time inventory control. Bioformix has recently teamed with PVA, a proven leader in automated dispensing systems for challenging production environments with reactive materials, to provide wood products manufacturers with a turnkey solution to take advantage of Nexabond 2500’s distinctive curing properties.

"We’re excited to announce this teaming agreement with PVA and to begin conversations with manufacturers about the benefits of our combined offering," says Mark Holzer, vice president of strategic accounts at Bioformix. "The cost and time savings over applying glue by hand, especially for high-volume wood products manufacturers, promise to be substantial."

"This is a great opportunity for PVA to make manufacturing easier for the wood industry by taking what we’ve learned about the electronics, solar energy and automotive industries, and applying it to the unique challenges of wood products production," says Frank Hart, Global Sales & Marketing Manager, PVA.

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About Bioformix, Inc.

Founded in 2009, Bioformix, Inc. was formed to commercialize high-performance monomers, resins and polymers. Bioformix technologies allow reduction or elimination of energy consumption and improved product performance in manufacturing, decorating and assembly.

About Precision Valve and Automation

PVA is a global supplier of conformal coating systems, innovative fluid dispensing solutions and precision valve technology. PVA’s customer driven solutions are utilized worldwide in industries ranging from solar, semiconductor packaging, printed circuit board assembly, medical device manufacturing, and consumer electronics. Throughout the changing global manufacturing landscape, PVA remains committed to providing our customers with exceptional products and industry-leading global support.


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