Binks and DeVilbiss Brands to Showcase Broad Range of Wood Finishing Equipment at the 2007 Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers Fair

June 2007, Glendale Heights, IL - ITW Industrial Finishing, manufacturers of Binks and DeVilbiss industrial spray finishing equipment, will be featuring a number of wood finishing spray guns, pumps, and outfits at the 2007 Association of Woodworking and Furnishings Suppliers Fair (AWFS), taking place Wednesday, July 18 through Saturday, July 21 at the Las Vegas Convention Center in Las Vegas, Nevada.

Featured products include:

The DeVilbiss Compact Performance Series of spray guns. The Performance Series of Trans-Tech, HVLP and Conventional models utilize a new technology - Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) - to enhance the atomization process, which results in a superior finish with one of the highest transfer efficiency rates available today. Compact spray finishing guns are also built for ergonomic comfort and energy savings.

The Binks Gemini DVP diaphragm pump outfits. These pumps are easily transportable and energy efficient. The high quality construction of the pump ensures it can be used with a wide variety of coatings. The Binks DVP outfits are available in both fixed and portable styles to suit varying application requirements for industrial paints and coatings. Low pulse fluid delivery ensures consistent fan pattern and high quality finishing with single gun outfits.

The Binks AA1500 and AA 4000 Air-Assist Airless Guns, feature new AA10 air caps that reduce coating build-up and improve fan pattern. Appropriate for high application speeds, the durable Binks AA 1500 and AA 4000 strike a better balance between atomization air and fan air; ultimately improving the atomization quality. (The AA1500 is also ergonomically designed to offer less user fatigue and less trigger pull tension). These features are particularly important in fine wood finishing, where recessed spaces demand special attention.

The Binks Automatic Air Assisted Airless (MAG AA), the Binks Automatic airspray (MAG HVLP) and Binks UV coating (MAG AA UV) family of spray guns; each is ideal for high production environments. Binks MAG (Manifold Automatic Guns) feature superior transfer efficiency, accuracy and reconfiguration options, and also atomizes a variety of coating viscosities.

The Binks Comet 3B Outfits offer complete systems for dependable, quality finishing for wood and metal applications. They are designed to meet the demand for high-volume single- or multi-gun spraying setups used in applications including wood cabinets, doors and windows, metal fabrication, wood furniture, manufacturing of custom wood products, and are compatible with today's modern coating materials. Outfits include the dependable Comet air motor, the time-tested "B" fluid section with all stainless steel wetted components, a fluid pressure relief valve, an AA1500 or Airless 1 spray gun and a siphon kit with fluid and air hoses.

For over 100 years both Binks and DeVilbiss have been names synonymous with innovative and durable spray finishing technology and products. For further information about any Binks or DeVilbiss spray finishing or fluid delivery products, please call Customer Service at 1.800.992.4657 or visit the Binks and DeVilbiss websites: or

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