BIG Kaiser Showcases the Newest in Precision Tooling at Eastec Booth #5244

February 28, 2008

Elk Grove Village, IL - BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling Inc. will showcase a number of tooling product lines at Eastec 2008. Visit BIG Kaiser at Booth #5244 to see what's new from BIG Daishowa, Kaiser, Sphinx, Speroni, Unilock and more.

BIG Kaiser's new Straight Shank FCR is designed for greater DOC and lower cutting resistance. Its geometry expands capabilities in multi-functional milling, achieving supreme performance for ramping, helical-, shoulder- and plunge-milling operations.

The sharp cutting edges of the unique indexable insert retain high strength and toughness due to the optimized eccentric relief angle for each cutter diameter. Extremely sharp cutting edges with both high radial and axial rake angles achieve smooth and quiet endmilling in all materials.

The Straight Shank FCR is now available in ¾", 1", and 1¼" shank diameters. This newest offering complements the recently introduced integral-shank version of the FCR, which is available in various length configurations for BIG-PLUS shanks CAT40, BT30, and BT40 as well as HSK-A50 and A63 versions.

C-Cutter Mini's compact design reduces the cutting diameter to the lowest limit, helping achieve ultra high spindle speeds and feeds. The ultra high-feed chamfer mill delivers multi-functional cutting, including chamfering, back chamfering and face milling. Its high speed back chamfering capability reduces hand de-burring, and face milling is possible with a 45 degree chamfering type with .394" square insert.

The C-Cutter Mini is available in single insert and 4-insert designs. The single insert design utilizes the world's smallest .197" square insert with four cutting edges for smaller 45 degree chamfers and a slightly larger insert for 30 & 60 degree chamfers.

The 4-insert design permits 45 degree chamfering for diameters .433"-1.654". Its "triple effect" design combines four inserts for higher feed rates, a compact diameter for increased spindle speeds, and a new wear resistant multi layer PVD coating for increased cutting speeds. In one example, these factors helped the 4-insert C-Cutter Mini achieve 13 times better cutting efficiency than a competitor's 3-insert cutter.

BIG Kaiser's New EWB UP (Ultra Precision) Finish Boring Head is a revolutionary new series of Kaiser boring tools with the distinction of the finest adjusting resolution - .001mm steps of diameter corrections (.00005" on dia. for inch graduated heads). This innovation will allow users to easily make fine incremental adjustments where critical diameter tolerances are required - all without the use of a Vernier scale.

The EWB UP series' six boring heads allow users to bore a range of 20-100mm (.787"-3.94"). The flexibility of the Kaiser KA connection permits a wide range of spindle interface options. All bore ranges and tool lengths are identical to existing Kaiser tools. The integrated counterweight can be adjusted to any bore diameter by a separate scale to permit high speed operation.

Also inside the booth will be the newest addition to its Sphinx micro drill line. The new drill, made of fine-grained solid carbide, delivers exceptional tool life and consistent process reliability. The specially designed two-flute geometry delivers a point angle of 130 degrees and helix angle of 35 degrees for extreme precision and close tolerance.

The solid carbide micro drills are available in diameters from 0.30mm-1.50mm, in steps of .01mm, with a 3mm reinforced shank. The drill is offered in standard lengths of 6xD, and can be run with or without coolant. It is recommended for materials such as steel (including stainless), titanium and nickel alloys, aluminum and copper materials, with HRC<50.

Speroni's new Retention Knob Clamping Spindles are now available for all STP-34 Benchtop Tool Presetters. The new system applies a tool clamping force of more than 150 pounds to seat steep-taper tooling into the tool presetter spindle similarly to the way it is drawn into a machine tool spindle, providing exacting precision and repeatability.

The integral spindle design can be specified in designated sizes CAT/BT 40- or 50-taper, for tools with MAS, JIS and ASME retention knobs. As with all newly developed Speroni products, the clamping systems are completely field retrofittable to existing Speroni tool presetter machines in the customer's facility.

New from Unilock is a starter kit that allows users to plug the components immediately into their production cell, instantly eliminating setup time and increased productivity.

The clamping chucks in the Unilock kits are mounted to universal adapter plates, allowing them to be directly mounted into the cell for immediate use. The kit also contains universal pallets that allow the user to quickly attach and detach the positioning and clamping components used to hold that which needs to be exchanged in and out of the production cell.

Unilock can be used in virtually any process where change-time needs to be reduced. Unilock can be used to quickly and accurately exchange work pieces in excess of 5,000 lbs., however these kits are designed for use with small parts and fixtures that can easily be shuttled by hand or robot from one process to another.

BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling is a leader in high precision tooling systems and solutions. With brands including Kaiser, BIG Daishowa, Speroni, Unilock, Sphinx, and more, BIG Kaiser's line is focused on extreme accuracy and repeatability. BIG Kaiser's mission is to support North American manufacturers with products that are designed and manufactured to a superior standard. Guaranteed.

Visit BIG Kaiser Precision Tooling at Eastec Booth #5244 for more information.

Jamie L. Goff
Public Relations Director
LoSasso Advertising

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