Big Facility + Big Investment = 1 Year Payback

Ebensburg Center Installs Thirty-Five (35) Apex-525 MBH Input Condensing Boilers to Reduce Their Annual Heating Costs by $400,000.

No installation is ever too big to realize significant payback on fuel energy costs. Especially when the payback is less than 1 year after the initial investment on condensing boilers!

For years, the center was hampered with a centralized steam plant for their heating needs. Fortunately in 2010 significant HVAC upgrades were approved and installation of higher efficient, individual hot water boilers and HVAC system began on campus.

Boiler room floor space was paramount at each building location. Thermal Solutions Apex condensing boilers were the perfect match, as they provide high output and the small footprint without additional costly and clumsy racking. Standard product out of the box permits stacking them two-high without extra structural support and expense.

In the first year, Ebensburg Center realized $406,334 in fuel savings on the boiler upgrade and $362,451 in electrical savings between both the heating and air conditioning systems. Overall, the Center estimates a total project investment payback in 3.5 years.

Ebensburg Center, located on 70 acres of beautiful landscape in western Pennsylvania, is a licensed intermediate care facility that provides support to people with intellectual disabilities.

Their motto, "Everyday Life", is their goal for their residents as they utilize best practices to create a healthy and safe environment which supports them as they develop and implement the skills needed to have an Everyday Lifein the community.

Since installing our Apex condensing boilers, the Facility Maintenance Department's motto is "Everyday Savings". Furthermore, the products have proven to be very reliable, simple to operate and easy to maintain. For more information about this project and others, please contact the Marketing Department.

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