BI Technologies Offers Comprehensive Range of Panel Potentiometers

MUNICH, Germany (November 14, 2006) - Providing design engineers with a comprehensive selection of devices from trimmers to high end precision potentiometers, TT electronics BI Technologies Electronic Components Division has expanded its product offering to include a large range of panel potentiometers. Constructed with carbon or conductive plastic elements, the potentiometers have life cycles of up to 1 million rotations.

According to Frank Pipitone, vice president of variable products for BI Technologies Electronic Components Division, this expansion of our product offering provides customers with an increased variety of options. "Our panel potentiometers help fill the void between our trimmers and high end precision potentiometers. This enables our customers to have a larger selection of BI Technologies product from which to choose the right device for each application," said Pipitone. "We offer a large number of optional features to make our panel potentiometers suitable for human interface and board mount configurations in a variety of markets."

The panel potentiometers are being specified for diverse uses, from white goods, instrument amplifiers, electric guitars, audio mixing consoles, musical keyboards, and digital drums to industrial welders, test and measurement equipment, and HVAC applications.

Devices in the panel potentiometer product line include:
o P090 9mm carbon potentiometer with insulated shaft;
o P09x 9mm carbon potentiometer with up to 8 gangs, including switches;
o P110 11mm carbon potentiometer with insulated shaft;
o P120 12mm carbon potentiometer with 2 gangs;
o P140 14mm carbon potentiometer with 2 gangs;
o P160 16mm carbon potentiometer with up to 6 gangs, including switches;
o P170 17mm carbon potentiometer with optional switch;
o P230 24mm conductive plastic potentiometer with brass bushing and 100K rotational life;
o P231 24mm carbon potentiometer with zinc bushing and 10K rotational life;
o P270 27mm conductive plastic potentiometer with rotational life of 1 million cycles

Typical pricing for the panel potentiometers is $0.25-0.50 for the consumer grade devices and $1.00 to $5.00 for the industrial products. Lead times are from stock to 6 weeks.

For more information about BI Technologies' panel potentiometer products, contact
BI Technologies
4200 Bonita Place,
Fullerton, CA 92835
fax 714-388-0046


Contact BI Technologies Ltd. in Scotland at +44-1592-662200.
In Germany, contact TT electronics at +49-8161-49-08-0
visit or email

In France, contact TT France at +33-1-45-12-38-80; visit the Web site or e-mail
In Italy, contact TT S.r.l. at +39-02-688-8951; visit or e-mail

BI Technologies has been an innovator and leader in electronic components for more than 50 years. The company is a global manufacturer of trimming and precision potentiometers, position sensors, turns-counting dials, chip resistor arrays, resistor networks, integrated passive networks, transformers, inductors, hybrid microelectronics and custom integration products for communication, computer, automotive and industrial applications.

BI Technologies serves a global customer base with manufacturing locations in the United States, Mexico, Scotland, Japan, China and Malaysia.

TT Electronics plc is a global electronics company manufacturing a broad range of advanced electronic components, assemblies and sensor modules for the automotive, industrial, telecommunication, computer and aerospace markets.

For more information, contact:
Frank Pipitone, VP of Variable Products
BI Technologies

Beth Gaddy, BtB Marketing Communications

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