Beckhoff Introduces Free EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard for Automated I/O Programming

Free software applet streamlines integration of Beckhoff I/O into EtherNet/IP systems with automated mapping features

MINNEAPOLIS - In order to simplify and accelerate programming of EtherNet/IP I/O architectures, Beckhoff Automation has released the new EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard. Designed to optimize programming time, the free EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard is a dynamic tool that permits easy integration of cost-effective Beckhoff I/O into Allen-Bradley® Logix controllers using RSLogix(TM) 5000 programming.

The EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard easily imports the process image of the user's I/O node - saving valuable programming time by eliminating these previously manual efforts. The software is available as a convenient and free download, complete with documentation from the Beckhoff Web site at: or direct download link:

This EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard tool can provide immediate benefits to any EtherNet/IP application that utilizes Beckhoff I/O to bring down equipment costs. Beckhoff Automation makes the comprehensive Beckhoff Bus Terminal I/O system of over 400 different signal types fully available to EtherNet/IP users. Beckhoff's IP 20-rated BK9105 Bus Coupler and IP 67-rated IL2301-B905 Fieldbus Box are ODVA-certified and follow the producer and consumer model for I/O data. Developed using advanced Industrial Ethernet technology, the BK9105 ($371) and IL2301-B905 ($380) provide EtherNet/IP users a dramatic price-to-performance ratio.

After saving the RSLogix(TM) 5000 PLC program, the EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard opens - just like any other small application such as Microsoft Word or Excel. Once open, the user can map multiple I/O nodes by selecting a Beckhoff BK9105 EtherNet/IP Bus Coupler or an IL2301-B905 EtherNet/IP Fieldbus Box. After the coupler or box is selected and addressed, I/O terminals can be added to the system simply by double clicking the I/O into the correct category. Once a node has been mapped, the user can import the node into the program using a previously saved RSLogix(TM) 5000 program.

To get started with the EtherNet/IP Tag Wizard, a user needs only a computer with Windows® XP. Having RSLogix(TM) 5000 software adds convenience, but is not required. The Tag Wizard is free of charge and available for download from the Beckhoff Web site at:

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