Beckhoff I/O Terminals Replace Switches and Potentiometers in Control Cabinets

More streamlined and cost-effective implementation of manual switches using efficient KM series Bus Terminals

MINNEAPOLIS, February 11, 2010 - In order to add manual functions into the standard Beckhoff Bus Terminal I/O system, Beckhoff has introduced new KM series terminals for convenient switch and pot functions. The time- and space-saving terminals with switches or potentiometers (pot) function as manual devices for changing process data independently of the controller.

As a result of integrating these manual components into a streamlined Bus Terminal format, space requirements inside control cabinets can be reduced; additional switches and the related wiring can now be eliminated. When paired with various Bus Couplers or Embedded PCs from Beckhoff, these KM series terminals are compatible with nearly every major industrial fieldbus and Industrial Ethernet, adding flexibility.

To better support commissioning or restricted operating processes, Beckhoff offers four new KM series Bus Terminals that can reduce the overall number of components installed in control cabinets. Particularly in cases where manual control is only required in exceptional cases, such as for troubleshooting or commissioning, these new Bus Terminals save space and cost. Manual controls are also advantageous during the assembly phase of a machine or plant, since they can be used to test the function of subassemblies before the control system has been fully installed.

The terminals can also be used in the field of building automation, for example, in sub-distributors for manual light switching or in the HVAC area for switching individual units (pumps or flaps) for the purposes of measurement, troubleshooting or commissioning - independent of the controller.

The four switches and four LEDs in the Beckhoff KM1644 terminal module are available in the control system as digital inputs or outputs and enable the direct input and display of process parameters.

Four contacts rated at up to 230 V AC, 16 A, are directly available via the KM2614 relay module in order to switch the contacts manually by personnel and automatically by the controller. Two contacts rated at up to 6A, 230 V AC, can be switched manually or in automatic mode using the KM2642.

The KM4602 2-channel analog output terminal provides an analog output signal of 0 to 10 V. The mode of operation (manual/automatic) is selected by a toggle switch on the front panel and the manual mode analog output value is set via a potentiometer.

I/O Terminal Overview:

o KM1644 | 4-channel manual operation

o KM2614 | 4-channel relay module, manual operation 16 A, 230 V AC

o KM2642 | 2-channel relay module, manual/automatic operation 6 A, 230 V AC

o KM4602 | 2-channel analog output terminal, manual/automatic operation, 0...10 V

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