BC Engineering and Design LLC Teams with Elysium Incorporated to Provide Re-Seller and Training Services of Infipoints Software

BC Engineering and Design LLC has signed a contract with Elysium Incorporated http://elysiuminc.com/ to provide re-seller and training services in North America for Infipoints point cloud data processing software.

BC Engineering and Design LLC (BCED) began using Infipoints software in 2016 to enhance point cloud, laser scan data processing and increase throughput and provide additional core capabilities that were not provided within the multiple software processing packages already being used by BCED engineers and CAD operators. As a small, veteran-owned mechanical engineering firm, the owner, Brian A. Christiano, MSME, P.E. realized the need to provide core capabilities which met or exceeded the services provided by large engineering companies in order to stay competitive. Infipoints provided the competitive edge.

What is Infipoints? Infipoints enables the operator to process billions of laser-scanned points (Point Cloud Data) with remarkably high performance. You can view whole factories of plants as if you are actually in the facility. The software input is compatible with all 3D Laser Scanners.

During data processing in Infipoints, the operator can perform the following:

Automatic noise reduction

Utilization of Point Cloud Data directly during measurement and 3D modeling

Automatic registration without markers

The operator can then perform interference checking, examine the object size, clearances from other objects, distances and do layout drawings inside the point cloud as if they were right inside the facility. In addition, newly added equipment, piping, structural members can be modeled and added into the existing point cloud and checked for interference.

Contact BC Engineering and Design LLC for a demonstration and test drive of this advanced software. Email at bchristiano@bcengineeringanddesign.com or call (803) 796-6721. We would be happy to help you improve your product throughput, cut down on your point cloud processing time.

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