Bayonette Partners with ALTEN Calsoft Labs to Develop Industry's First vCPE Solution Based on Linux Containers

OSLO, Norway and SANTA Clara, California -

Joint Pioneering Effort Results in a High Performance NFV Platform for Gigabit Broadband Providers That: 

- Virtualizes and centralizes router functionality

- Eliminates periodic customer router restarts

- Simplifies introduction of new services

- Reduces household electronic waste 

- Accelerates deployments of next-generation Connected Homes

- Allows for third party virtual in-home service creation (vHome™ Services)

Norwegian gigabit broadband pioneer Bayonette AS and Network Function Virtualization [ (NFV) and Software Defined Networking [ (SDN) pioneer ALTEN Calsoft Labs, today announced that they are working jointly to deploy industry's first residential Virtual CPE (vCPE) solution for next generation gigabit broadband providers.

Bayonette provides affordable high quality gigabit fiber broadband services for condominiums and cooperatives to support delivery of next-generation entertainment, such as 4K OTT video streams and bandwidth intensive gaming platforms, but also health and welfare technology to simultaneous users inside the home. To accomplish this at gigabit levels, Bayonette needs the ability to deliver quality and stability all the way to the user's device, not merely the residential gateway.

"We experienced that existing solutions in the residential market were not created for these high performance home networks, so we took measures to ensure that a stable and reliable gigabit connection could be achieved regardless of use and household size," said Arve Paalsrud, CTO of Bayonette.

To meet these demands, Bayonette created the Bayonette vHome™ platform, that centralizes complexity and simplifies in-home equipment to reduce truck rolls and electronic waste. Bayonette vHome™ will also accelerate deployments of next-generation Connected Homes, providing a centralized operator platform for supporting new network standards and future opportunities such as IoT (Internet of Things), Smart Homes, and third-party virtual in-home services through the vHome™ Services program.

In a joint pioneering effort, Bayonette vHome™ is making use of ALTEN Calsoft Labs' Intel® DPDK optimized Virtual CPE [ framework that are capable of line rate packet processing in the fast path, to accelerate development and deployment of industry's first residential vCPE solution based on Linux Containers (LXC). The Bayonette vHome™ solution includes several innovations  including OpenStack based NFV orchestration and management solution for commercially deployed vCPE and vRouter in LXC environment.

"Our initial tests of Bayonette vHome™ has shown capabilities of providing over 2000 containers per Intel based dual socket server, processing beyond 40 Gbps of traffic. That is a density of more than 160,000 vCPEs per rack," Paalsrud said.

Virtualizing and centralizing router functionality simplifies Customer Premise Equipment (CPE), eliminating troublesome router hassle and restarts for the customer. The provider gets full control over routing, NAT, DHCP and Firewall functionality at both IPv4 and IPv6, essential to providing a future-proof gigabit connection.

"ALTEN Calsoft Labs was able to help us accelerate our residential vCPE development. We found their vCPE Framework capable of delivering line rate throughput, and meeting our scalability, reliability and OAM requirements," said Paalsrud.

"ALTEN Calsoft Labs was also able to offer expert resources to help us with our development, integration and system testing needs, which was an added benefit for Bayonette to get to market faster," he added.

"We are very proud to be working with Bayonette for one of the world's first commercial Residential vCPE solution deployments. The Bayonette vHome™ solution includes several innovations such as use of Linux Containers (LXC) to achieve industry leading performance and scale; something that the NFV market is looking forward to," said Narendra Dhara, CTO Senior VP for Networking Cloud Infrastructure at ALTEN Calsoft Labs.

Production deployment of the platform will commence in December 2015.

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About Bayonette

Bayonette AS is a gigabit broadband pioneer that provides leading fiber network and cloud services to condominiums, cooperatives and businesses. By innovating in device manufacturing, network virtualization and fiber optics, Bayonette has set a new standard for delivering gigabit broadband to the residential market at an unparalleled low price. The company is owned by its employees and is located in Oslo, Norway.

About ALTEN Calsoft Labs

Calsoft Labs is a wholly owned subsidiary of the EUR1.4 billion ALTEN Group. Calsoft Labs offers technology consulting, product engineering and systems integration services globally to equipment manufacturers (OEMs/ODMs), telecom operators and independent software vendors (ISVs). Calsoft Labs operates state-of-the-art product design and development centers at Bangalore, Chennai and Mysore in India, with sales support offices worldwide including North America, Europe and Asia.

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