Bayer Materialscience Raw Materials for Polyurea Sealants Offer a Quick, Cost-Effective Option for Concrete Protection

Speedy sealing with 2K polyurea sealants:

Pittsburgh, February 7, 2008 - Polyurethane sealants are known for their fast reactivity, good adhesion to substrates and ease of application, but savvy contractors and applicators also count on the proven power of polyurea sealants from Bayer MaterialScience (BMS) LLC to stand up to moisture, provide superior UV and color stability and offer the option of low-temperature cure with a wide latitude of gel times. What's more, BMS' two-component (2K) polyurea sealants have reduced VOCs versus other sealants - with VOC and plasticizer-free formulations available - making them a more environmentally friendly alternative to other types of sealants.

Bayer's aspartic esters technology uses Desmophen® NH 1420 solvent-free, amine-functional resin in combination with Desmodur® E-210 isocyanate to create a tunable polyurea sealant that allows reactivity to be adjusted from approximately two to 30 minutes. The freedom to specify a fast or slow reactivity makes 2K polyurea sealants a versatile solution for a wide spectrum of applications.

One of the main advantages of 2K polyurea sealants versus other sealant types is that the reactivity can be adjusted to allow it to cure at desired rates over a wide range of temperatures. BMS' 2K polyurea sealants cure very rapidly at low temperatures, eliminating the need to bring cold-operating environments, such as industrial refrigerators, up to a much higher temperature in order to apply the sealant. The concrete thresholds in many industrial refrigeration units tend to deteriorate and require replacement due to their frequent contact with the hard wheels of heavy equipment that drives in and out, according to Jay Johnston, senior associate scientist, Adhesives and Sealants, BMS LLC.

"Bayer's 2K polyurea sealants can be poured to create a new threshold while the refrigerator is still cold, providing an enormous advantage over other types of sealants that require the unit to be warmed up, and therefore emptied for extended periods of time," said Johnston. "Additionally, 2K polyurea sealants can be cut flush within 10 to 20 minutes of application, allowing a dramatically faster return to service than epoxy sealants that can take up to a day before cutting flush and may need to be heated up in order to be trimmed."

Desmodur XP 2617 aliphatic isocyanate can be used to produce polyurea sealants that provide excellent UV and color stability due to the absence of aromatic rings in the backbone of the resin. Aromatic rings can cause materials to yellow over time, making Desmodur XP 2617-derived polyureas an ideal option for sealing expansion joints in highly visible concrete slabs, such as those inside home improvement stores or at outdoor theme parks.

Frequent high-force impact on these expansion joints can cause the concrete at the edge of the joint to break, and the joint to widen over time. In lieu of expensive concrete slab replacement, 2K polyurea sealants can be used to reinforce the expansion joint, stabilizing the structure and preventing further spalling of concrete.

As another advantage, the fast reaction time of BMS' 2K polyurea sealants means the concrete surface can be sealed, trimmed and ready to go in as little as an hour, minimizing downtime and providing a vast advantage over extremely hard, slow-curing epoxy sealants.

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