Bayer MaterialScience LLC highlights How New 100 Percent Solids Acrylated Allophanate Oligomers Maximize UV Coating System Performance

Bayer MaterialScience LLC highlights how new 100 percent solids acrylated allophanate oligomers maximize UV coating system performance

Syracuse, N.Y., - Ongoing research and development by Bayer MaterialScience LLC scientists has refined polyurethane chemistry, subsequently leading to the development of a new generation of products for UV (ultra violet) curable coatings - acrylated allophanate oligomers. Abdullah Ekin, senior associate scientist, Bayer MaterialScience LLC, will present "Advanced Materials Enabling UV Curable Direct-to-Metal Applications," at RadTech's UV/EB East Technology Conference.

Acrylated allophanate oligomers offer many advantages to formulators - low viscosity, supplied in 100 percent solids and give the formulator the option to choose the appropriate reactive diluent for use in formulations. In addition, this new class of oligomers requires less reactive diluents in a finished formulation, allowing formulators to maintain the oligomer properties.

Ekin will discuss how allophanate-based oligomers compare in common tests with the performance of isocyanurate-based oligomers. Outdoor stability, application on engineered plastics, weathering data, success of direct-to-metal applications and salt spray tests were also covered.

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