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Bay Area Innovations - Tampa, FL

Original Press Release

Bay Area Innovations Presents a Fresh Look in the World of Engineering

Press release date: May 05, 2014

Every product starts with an idea. Transforming that idea into a final product can be a much more daunting task than many presume. Many Engineering companies specialize in just one step of this process, requiring someone to start new relations with a company for each step. Working as an engineer, Shawn Best realized the need for a company that would help a customer from idea, to prototype, to production and to an end product. Shawn founded his Engineering Company, Bay Area Innovations, on this premise.

"We work with companies from all over the world. Collaborating with them through the entire design and production process makes it so much easier for the client to see their vision come to life," says owner Shawn Best.

BAI recently released their clean, colorful new website showing that Engineers have a creative side too. Some services they provide in addition to prototyping and production are: 3D printing, concept design, reverse engineering, and LED luminare design analysis. They boast an on-site graphic designer as well as a web designer to truly help with whatever facets a customer needs.

Key points to the success of BAI's new website have been its ease of use and impressive list of services. The Portfolio page gives a nice visual aid to what they create and the different processes used to make products. Overall, the BAI website shows they are a good match for both seasoned professionals and clients brand new to the industry.

About Bay Area Innovations
Bay Area Innovations is a Tampa, Florida-based full service engineering product design firm. They are dedicated to providing companies with quality engineering design services in an economical and efficient manner. Specializing in product design and product development. Their team of engineers, mechanical engineers, industrial engineers, and electrical engineers can help you achieve your goals and create successful products for today’s market.