Barclay Mechanical Creates Skids to be Shipped to Overseas Clients

Nov 16, 2017 - Barclay Mechanical is working for WF Engineering fabricating, painting, and assembling equipment and skids for heavy industrial companies in Portugal, Turkey and South Korea. These industrial, metal structures are designed to ship to clients fully ready to install without assembling the individual parts on-site.

The equipment and skids are being made in our shop in Manti, Utah and will be used in three different insulation plants. Some of the equipment we are constructing include "dolly rails," "cullet chutes," "piping spools," and "venturies," to name a few.

About Barclay Mechanical

Barclay Mechanical is a heavy industrial general contractor, offering heavy-duty welding and fabrication services. Established in 1980, Barclay has become a leading mechanical contractor - working all over the country in the energy, food processing, production and agricultural sectors. We offer the highest level of quality craftsmanship at competitive prices within specified time-frames. We guarantee safety is our number one focus and pride ourselves in having a company culture which encourages hard work, honesty, fairness, and personal improvement.

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