B & J Biometrics, Inc. Releases New Ultra Biometric Fingerprint HDD Enclosure with Most Advanced Biometric Fingerprint Recognition Technology

Shenzhen, China -January 25th, 2007 - Today, B & J Biometrics, Inc.( B & J ) announces the release of the U R Secured ® BioH-SL200 Biometric Fingerprint HDD Enclosure, With this new ultra product built-in biometric fingerprint recognition technology, to ensure all the data on your Hard drive will be protected by your unique authorized fingerprints.

In an environment full of complexity and increasing security risks, more people are looking for easy and secure ways to carry their portable data. What a headache!
Biometric security, at least in theory, has been around for a decade. But the use of biometrics for computer security and user authentication has failed to attract much practical interest to date because the clunky devices were costly, Low security and inconvenient.

Fingerprint HDD Enclosure is supported up to 250GB Hard Drive ( IDE ), All data on the security area is encrypted automatically!

All that could change now since the U R Secured® fingerprint HDD Enclosure is designed to help them solve these problems. Just a simple swipe of your finger!

For more information on B & J Biometrics, Inc., visit our website www.biometrics-bj.com or contact us by email.

Contact : Pelles
Phone : 0086-755-6112 3685
Email : Info@biometrics-bj.com

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