Award Winning High Pressure Hydraulic Pump has Highest Pressure and Flow Versus Size and Weight

Hayward, California - Kinetic Ceramics, Inc. (KCI) has been awarded the 2009 SPIE Smart Structures Product Implementation Award ( for their High Pressure Hydraulic Pump. A panel of SPIE independent experts analyzes technically advanced products and selected the Kinetic Ceramics Piezo Hydraulic Pump based on their criteria of the products importance, uniqueness, and usefulness to defense and commercial industries. This novel pump technology provides the highest pressure and flow versus size and weight compared to any existing electric motor driven pumps on the market today.

The KCI Piezo Hydraulic Pump utilizes solid state Piezomotor® piezoelectric drive with direct electromechanical energy conversion. It is compact, light weight and requires no electric motors or solenoids which makes for robust and reliable operation. Although small in physical stature this pump technology can provide output pressures of up to 5000 psi and flow rates from 1 cc/min up to 11 liters/min. Standard hydraulic fluids can be handled as well as low lubricity liquids and corrosives. Metering capability as well a pressure regulation without energy wasting spill valves are options that can be added to permit fully adjustable flow rate. For further information about Piezo Hydraulic Pumps please contact a Kinetic Ceramics applications engineer concerning your OEM requirement at (510)264-2140 or go to

PIEZOMOTOR is a registered trademark of Kinetic Ceramics Inc.

About Kinetic Ceramics

Kinetic Ceramics, Inc. manufactures a broad range of piezoelectric products consisting of Actuators, Pumps, Sensors, Accelerometers, Optics Fabrication Equipment and Drive Electronics. KCI has manufactured piezoelectric stack actuators since 1966 under the trademarked name PIEZOMOTOR®. They offer a broad selection of standard actuators and can also quickly respond to custom requirements. KCI actuators are used in diesel fuel injectors, fast tool servos, hydraulic pumps, micro positioning systems, laser mirror positioning, fast acting valves, structural deformation, inspection systems and scanners.

KCI offers several types of electronic drive amplifiers that are optimized for PIEZOMOTOR actuators. To achieve the fastest and most linear response "charge control" amplifiers are available with output power ranging from milliwatts to greater than 1500 watts. When needed KCI also produces turnkey systems and modules based on PIEZOMOTOR actuators. These integrated solutions offer the highest possible performance in fully engineered modules.

Industries served include Aerospace, Automotive, Defense, Optics, Semiconductor, Telecom, and Medical. In order to maintain full control of quality and performance all piezoelectric materials and actuator manufacturing processes are performed in our own facilities.


Company Information:
Kinetic Ceramics
26240 Industrial Boulevard
Hayward, California 94545
Phone: (510)264-2140
Fax: (510)264-2159

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