Avtec Finishing Services' Anodizing Capabilities

Avtec Finishing Services offers a wide range of anodizing services. Anodizing is used on parts made from aluminum alloys to increase corrosion resistance, to increase surface hardness, and to allow for dyeing (coloring) to utilize the light weight properties of aluminum without sacrificing the performance properties found in heavier alloys. Avtec offers a range of anodizing services including Type II anodizing and Type III or Hard Coat anodizing. Their website has recently been updated to include details on all of their anodizing services.

"In addition to offering Type II and Type III anodizing in a variety of colors, Avtec offers many additional value added services including dry film lubricants, masking, blasting, tumbling, and polishing. Many times these are required supplementary processes performed before or after Anodizing," says Michael Battaglia, Vice President of Sales and Marketing at The Lindgren Group, the management company of Avtec Finishing Services. "We are also Nadcap certified, ITAR certified, Federal Fire Arms Licensed, and ISO 9001:2008 certified."

"We have been in business since 1971," continues Mr. Battaglia, "and offer a full service line of chemical finishes, electroplating services and electroless nickel processes. We do over 50 processes at our facilities and there are very few processes we do not offer. Many of the finishes we have added are at the request of customers. Just because we don't do it today, doesn't mean we won't do it. It is our mission to serve our customers better than anyone else can serve them."

For additional information, please visit www.thelindgrengroup.com or call Mike Battaglia.

About Avtec Finishing Services - Avtec Finishing Services, Inc., a facility within The Lindgren Group, is a recognized leader in the Metal Finishing Industry. We offer chemical finishing, electroplating, mechanical finishing and laser part marking services. Nico is based in New Hope, MN.

About The Lindgren Group- At the Lindgren Group, customer service is not a department; it is our culture at every level of the organization. The Lindgren Group is a management company in the Metal Finishing Industry with three locations: Nico Products, in Minneapolis, MN, Avtec Finishing Systems in New Hope, MN and Metco Metal Finishing in Phoenix, AZ. The Lindgren Group is a recognized leader in the Metal Finishing Industry providing chemical finishing, electroplating, mechanical finishing and additional value added services. The company is headquartered in Minneapolis, MN. For more information and a comprehensive list of services visit their website at www.thelindgrengroup.com.

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