AVANTech Awarded Mixed Bed Treatment System

AVANTech, Inc. has received a purchase order to design and manufacture a mixed bed for the Paducah Power Combustion Turbine Plant. Avantech is designing and manufacturing one (1) one hundred and forty (140) gallon per minute system that is capable of being regenerated on-site, and is used to polish water for injection. “This project is an excellent example of our standard products addressing a clients specific need. This approach is cost and schedule efficient ” stated AVANTech President Jim Braun.

AVANTech is a design-build company with a commitment to providing service second to none! AVANTech was founded in 1999 and has expanded its business by applying the exceptional talents of its technical team. AVANTech’s approach to facility integration makes us uniquely qualified to provide turnkey services. Our personnel have extensive experience in the planning, design, manufacturing and operation of water-treatment systems for industrial and government clients. AVANTech technologies have enabled facilities to establish zero liquid discharge operations by completely recycling all of their wastewater.

Contact: James L. Braun, President;

Gary A. Benda. Sr. VP of Business Development

Phone: (803) 407-7171

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