Automated 25 kG Butter Block Handling System

BestPump of Coatbridge, Lanarkshire, have recently
designed, supplied, installed and commissioned an automated
butter block handling system for Fox's Biscuits of Batley, West
Yorkshire who are part of the Northern Food Group plc.

The project accommodates for 55 lb butter blocks at 41
degrees Fahrenheit to be loaded onto a conveyor with a
capacity to carry thirteen blocks (715 lbs). From the conveyor
the blocks are loaded into a chute feeding the auger chamber
of the butter handling machine manufactured by BestPump's
partner, Polar Process Inc. of Ontario, Canada. The Polar
Machine is powered by a 10HP geared motor drive. The
chute and auger chamber when loaded accept a further four
butter blocks giving a fully loaded capacity of seventeen blocks
or 935 lbs of butter.

Within the auger chamber, the twin 9" polished stainless
steel, flighted, augers break down the blocks and convey them
forward where the butter is received via a rectangler flanged
inlet, into a 4", cicumferential piston, positive displacement
pump. The pump with an operating pressure of up to 450 psi
and running at a speed of 56 rpm
can supply 13,200 lbs of butter per hour. The pump is powered
by an 15 HP geared motor drive.

From the pump, the butter is conveyed via a 4" jacketed
stainless steel pipe system, to five discharge points in the
recipe mixing area of the factory, some 150 feet away. Each
discharge point has automatic valves, to allow butter to be on
tap and accurately weighed for any particular recipe.
This automated butter supply system, eliminates almost
completely, the intense manual labour previously required in
butter handling within the factory and frees up staff for more
important tasks, thus increasing efficiency, productivity and
safety in the workplace.

For further information please contact BestPump:
Tel; 01236 449810
Fax: 01236 449606

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