Aurora Systems and HOLOEYE Systems Announce LCOS Microdisplay Supply Agreement

Westlake Village, CA., May 7 - Aurora Systems, Inc. (ASI), an international leader in the design and production of high performance LCOS microdisplay products, and HOLOEYE Systems Inc. (HSI), integrators of microdisplay technology, today announced the formation of a strategic supply agreement to serve specialty markets.
While ASI provides LCOS products for consumer electronic applications, HSI will market Aurora products to specialty applications such as defense, biotech and industrial applications.

HSI will use its expertise to address a wide range of applications such as Head Mounted Displays (HMD), Head Up Displays (HUD), optical metrology, bio-photonics, and optical networking applications. HSI has also been instrumental in the joint development of phase modulating LCOS microdisplays for use in phase shifting applications such as dynamic diffractive optics and digital holography

HSI will utilize the new high resolution LCOS microdisplays designed for single panel color field sequential applications in cost effective projection or Near To Eye applications. Aurora's highly programmable all digital drive technology provides solutions for a wide range of optical systems.

Jeffrey Saake, CEO of Aurora Systems Inc. explained, "Our partnership with Holoeye Systems Inc. enables Aurora to address a much wider application space than would be possible on our own. By working with Holoeye Systems, we can expand the field from the products we developed for consumer electronics and offer niche markets at a price/performance combination that would not be possible otherwise."

Marcel Rogalla, CEO of Holoeye Systems Inc. added, "Aurora's development of high resolution backplanes with very small pixels provided a superb platform for developing addressable diffractive optical elements. We think that the introduction of Aurora's latest LCOS variant, optimized for single panel projection applications, will add another dimension to HSI's capabilities and enable us to offer high resolution solutions in a very compact form."

About Aurora Systems
From the heart of Northern California's Silicon Valley, Aurora began in 1997 by a team of the industry's top engineering and business professionals, who set their sights on providing the industry with affordable, high quality, state-of -the-art display technologies. Aurora Systems, as a leader in pushing the technology envelope, has successfully introduced a series of high-resolution LCOS products into the market place over the last five years.

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About Holoeye Systems
HOLOEYE Systems is a professional integrator of LCOS microdisplay technologies and offers complete solutions and development services including optical, mechanical and electronic system design, prototype to high-volume manufacturing services, and supply chain management.

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