Augmented Reality a Real Boost to Traditional Technical Assistance

Sidel introduces its R.E.A.L. (Remote Expert Assistance for Lines) system, a revolution in remote technical assistance, maintenance and training bringing unrivaled responsiveness to customers.

As production outputs rise steadily, bottlers must limit machine downtime caused by breakdowns or maintenance work. Sidel has a network of experts on call for customer visits when needed. But for even faster service, Sidel has developed R.E.A.L., a system that employs Augmented Reality technology.

Using R.E.A.L., Sidel specialists guide customers remotely during repairs or complicated maintenance work. Using a set of portable equipment including a headset, micro display, cameras, microphone and CPU for sending/receiving data, the customer's technician shares exactly what he sees in the work environment with a Sidel expert. The technician receives real time audio and video information to help him perform complex operations. The Sidel operator can even project additional information (2D and 3D drawings, photos, videos and manuals) into the micro display built into the customer's headset.

Troubleshooting, training and maintenance
Sidel and its customers can use R.E.A.L. for remote training to help develop the maintenance and machine operation skills of personnel in the workplace. The system also serves as a valuable tool during extremely complex and highly technical maintenance work.

Perfect complement to Remote Access
Sidel's portfolio already includes its Remote Access product for remote customer service. This system allows a Sidel operator to access a machine's software, at the customer's request, so that the operator can get into the machine when it is down. But Remote Access does not give Sidel an actual view of the equipment itself. R.E.A.L. is the perfect complement to Remote Access. Both products have the same objective: to give the customer greater support in quickly solving problems. Accessible from a Wi-Fi connection, R.E.A.L. uses the same secure network as Remote Access (minimum upload speed: 650 kb/sec).

First Europe, then the world
R.E.A.L. makes its official debut at the K trade show in Duseldorf (October 24-31, hall 13, booth B89). Initially, the system will be operational in Europe for blow molding technologies. Eventually, the technology will cover all Sidel Group equipment and will be available around the world, as Sidel gradually develops its global community of experts prepared to share their knowledge with customers.

Sidel is one of the world's leading suppliers of beverage packaging equipment. The company has 5,300 employees worldwide and is a division of Tetra Laval.

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