Auburn Manufacturing Now Offers 17 Hot Work Safety Fabrics Tested to ANSI/FM 4950 Standard

MECHANIC FALLS, Maine - (June 14, 2007) - Auburn Manufacturing, Inc., the leading U.S. manufacturer of extreme temperature textiles for use in hot work/welding operations, now offers 17 fabrics tested and rated to ANSI/FM 4950 - the first performance-based standard for fire blanket. The products were tested by third-party certifier FM Approvals, a subsidiary of insurer FM Global. According to Kathie Leonard, Auburn Manufacturing President and CEO, "The ANSI/FM 4950 Standard - combined with the added FM Approvals designation - allows companies to distinguish superior products from those that might not stand up to exposures created by actual hot work events." Under the newly adopted ANSI/FM Standard, hot work fabrics are rated based on severity of use, which helps safety professionals determine which of the three levels of fire protection is needed for a specific hot work operation. "By matching the properly rated hot work fabric to the job, the working life of the product can be extended dramatically - up to 10 times longer in some cases - resulting in huge material cost savings while properly managing risk," said Leonard.

Auburn Manufacturing was the first manufacturer to have its welding pads, blankets, and curtains tested to ANSI/FM 4950. To meet the Standard's stringent criteria, Auburn's products must undergo a battery of tests that simulate the extreme conditions of harsh, real-world hot-work applications to ensure they satisfy the very high standard of quality, safety and performance. Additional criteria include third-party certification and a tightly controlled labeling system. "Our U.S. plants and processes are audited by third-party certifier, FM Approvals," said Leonard. "And, only Auburn prints the proper rating on our Approved fabrics for easy identification on the job."

The Standard has made it easier than ever for customers to match the right product with the right application. "Choosing welding protection fabrics that meet the ANSI/FM Standard can help companies performing welding, cutting or other hot work operate more safely and efficiently," said Leonard. Auburn's Approved fabrics are available with a variety of fibers and coatings designed for a wide range of applications and levels of heat exposure.

For more information on Approved fabrics or for help incorporating the new ANSI/FM Standard into your company's existing hot work management program to reduce the risk of fire caused by welding, cutting, grinding and heat treating, call Auburn Manufacturing, Inc. at 1-800-264-6689 or visit our website at

Auburn Manufacturing, Inc., since its founding in 1979, has become a leading developer, manufacturer and marketer of textile products for hundreds of extreme-temperature industrial applications throughout the world, including welding protection, industrial insulation, safety apparel, gaskets and seals, and other MROP applications.

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