Atomizing System - Cold Fog

Atomizing Systems introduced high-pressure fog for humidification to The Smithsonian, the USDA, Mitsubishi, Cleveland Botanic, Buffalo News, General Motors & Subaru. Also evaporative cooling/Fx on Royal Caribbean cruise ship fountains & the same equipment for fog effects within the entire Disney Animal Kingdom (over 11,000 nozzles), Universal Islands of Adventure and others theme parks in Orlando, Osaka, China, Sweden & Hong Kong! They even put fog in a group of bronze dolphins in a mall in Esplanade, California! There is a fog company actually engineering fog advances versus just selling it! And theme parks operate 16 hours per day so their requirements are often the most demanding. Atomizing even incorporated the world's most effective water cleaner to kill bacteria & legionella within the water as well as oxidize minerals. They supply high-pressure humidity systems to the world's largest computer chip manufacturer to save energy by eliminating large air nozzles, piping & expensive compressors!

Their projects use AutoCad-14 for all facility input drawings & they provide full tech pubs and schematics for each project! They have been known for creating the slowest running, toughest, quietest & easiest to service systems in the world and are now watching others follow their lead. You know it's their system if you can stand next to it and carry on a conversation without shouting! Lastly, all our electrical enclosures are totally finger-safe within NEMA-4X enclosures and they never use belt drives. Atomizing Systems stress engineering since customer maintenance has provided them with much input over the years; that's why they make their entire equipment chassis from stainless! While everyone's selling fog, we're engineering it!

As a complete system manufacturer, they pioneered the incorporation of PLC's & direct-drive (no pulleys & no belts) state of the art soft-start and slow-run technology into their fog equipment such as unique Variable Frequency Drives (standard) for controlling motor frequency as more/less nozzle areas come on/off, a patented laser drilled, Ruby orifice fog nozzle guaranteed for life and the use of an all stainless chassis, completely assembled, pre-tested pump stations! Facility contractors are never allowed within our system components but are provided with pre-wired systems, control panels and separate contact points to bring in power and signal leads.

They are experienced in fog for outdoor evaporative-cooling and humidity in greenhouses as well as fog for effects in botanical gardens, malls, automotive, NASA, Morton Thiokol, Frito-Lay to any industrial fog need, fountains, amusement park environments & special effects including the Ice Capades!
Their nozzle manifolds can be assembled with flexible or rigid copper tubing to conform to any area shape with easy to use industrial grade (captive ferrule) compression fittings, all stainless with Swagelok® brand compression fittings or welded (ASME certified) stainless steel. They never sweat, rivet or braze tubing ever!

Several areas can be easily done (Zoned) from one pump unit using quiet, industrial quality, motorized Ball valves to each Zone! All our electrical enclosures are stainless, aluminum or fiberglass and rated NEMA-4X for waterproof/corrosion proof installs at the site. They never use painted or plastic components and the entire control package is 'finger-safe'.

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