Atlas® Blind Threaded Inserts, Studs, and Tooling Profiled in Free Comprehensive Catalog

A new 36-page catalog profiles the complete product line of ATLAS® blind threaded inserts, studs, and installation tools. These fasteners provide strong threads in thin panel sections where only one side is accessible to install hardware. Installation from the "front" side of a panel enables quick and easy final attachment of components using a single mating screw.

The fully illustrated ATLAS Catalog presents a comprehensive overview of the technology and capabilities and provides detailed specifications for individual fastener types within the three ATLAS product families. These include SpinTite® blind threaded inserts and studs, Plus+Tite® blind threaded inserts, and MaxTite® blind threaded inserts.

Among designer tools the catalog uniquely offers a thread code chart for industry comparisons; part number keys; and conversion charts. Additional resources in the catalog cover compatible installation tools, standard installation procedure, robotic system capabilities; and fastener performance data.

These fasteners are available in aluminum, brass, steel, and stainless steel, depending on type, and can be installed in panels of any hardness as thin as .020"/0.51mm. They ideally suit tubing and extrusion applications, as well as others with limited access for fastener installation.

The ATLAS Catalog can be downloaded free from the "Product Literature" link at

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