At RFID Journal Live! UPM RFID and Partners Put RFID Technology to Work to Transform Customer Marketing and Operational Processes

(UPM RFID, Tampere) - UPM RFID is joining with CustomerIn(TM) Systems, Infratab, Overheer Systems and XtremeSignPost to "put RFID to work" at the ninth annual RFID Journal Live! Conference to be held April 12-14, 2011, at the Orange County Convention Center in Orlando, Florida.

UPM RFID will showcase new UHF products including UPM Belt(TM), UPM DogBone(TM) and UPM ShortDipole(TM) inlays designed for demanding supply chain and logistical applications, as well as UPM Web(TM) and UPM MiniWeb(TM) inlays designed for apparel applications where items need to be placed in close proximity of each other. In addition, the company will also be displaying its UPM BullsEye(TM), UPM RaceTrack(TM) and UPM MiniTrack(TM) NFC inlays.

At RFID Journal Live! the partners will demonstrate how industry companies can use RFID technology to optimize critical customer-facing and operational processes, create value-added services and gain unprecedented insights into user behavior. Visitors to UPM RFID's booth (#318) will see how RFID systems and UPM RFID inlays can:

Transform both restaurant dining and retail shopping into an extended marketing experience using CustomerIn(TM) Systems software, Google Nexus S NFC phones and RFID-tagged items. Diners can use NFC phones to scan RFID-tagged table tents and menus for more information on meal options. Meanwhile, CustomerIn(TM) Systems' retail marketing application allows shoppers to access product demos and other features by touching phones to tagged items, while empowering retailers with analytics they can use to enhance merchandising.

Track the quality and freshness of perishable goods with Infratab Freshtime(TM) RFID tags and software, enabling brands and retailers to increase product quality, reduce waste and analyze events throughout the cold chain.

Automate inventory management for retail apparel and footwear using Overheer Systems' Reflect solution. The system provides retailers with item-level insights into stock availability they can exploit to drive merchandise sales.

Promote and share consumer experiences through SMS, instant messaging, email and social networks. XtremeSignPost's patented technology uses RFID-enabled cell phones to retrieve, display and share photo, video and music files from personalized RFID-tagged
commercial products.

In addition, UPM RFID will be holding educational sessions on near field communications (NFC) at its NFC Lounge (Room S-220D) on Wednesday, April 13, at 11:30 AM, 1:30 PM and 3:30 PM and again on Thursday, April 14, at 11:00 AM and 1:30 PM.

For further information, please contact:

Mr Jan Svoboda, Sales and Marketing Director, Americas, UPM RFID, tel. +1 805 312 4679 Mr Fred Rego, President, CustomerIn(TM) Systems, Inc., tel + 1 604 551 4827 Ms Therese Myers, CEO, Infratab, Inc., tel. +1 805 986 8880 Mr Dan Sandler, Vice President, Overheer Systems, tel. + 1 347 220 5536 Dr Monto H. Kumagai, CEO and President, XtremeSignPost, Inc., tel. + 1 530 574 6285


UPM RFID, part of UPM's Engineered Materials business group, is the world's number one producer of HF and UHF radio frequency identification (RFID) tags and inlays. UPM RFID has a global service network consisting of factories in China and in the United States and a broad network of sales offices worldwide. The UPM Group employs around 22,000 people and it has production facilities in 15 countries. In 2010, UPM's sales amounted to EUR 8,9 billion. UPM's shares are listed on the Helsinki Stock Exchange.

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About CustomerIn(TM) Systems, Inc.

CustomerIn(TM) Systems helps businesses create better customer experiences using micro-location technology. CustomerIn(TM) Systems is a software development company specializing in location-based and enterprise mobile applications. For more information, please visit

About Infratab, Inc.

Infratab is a wireless sensor and business analytics company. Its Infratab Freshtime(TM) RFID EPC tags and software monitor the freshness of perishables, enabling perishable brands and retailers to manage risks and improve quality while managing costs. For more information, please visit

About Overheer Systems

Overheer Systems designs item-level RFID solutions for apparel and footwear retailers. With sales becoming more and more difficult and competition more fierce, it is critical for the retailer to secure every potential sale. Our item-level RFID system allows the retailer to capture real time inventory information on item location and security data more accurately and quickly than traditional systems. Gain visibility into your most important asset, your inventory, by using Overheer Systems' Reflect software. For more information, please visit

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XtremeSignPost uses RFID technology to integrate and share consumer experiences with personalized products. Additional information can be found at or

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