ASTM Testing Programs compare laboratory performance.

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Sponsored by ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants, Proficiency Testing Programs provide laboratories with statistical quality assurance tool, enabling them to compare their performance in use of ASTM methods against other laboratories. Users receive samples for each test cycle, data report forms, and test instructions. Lab then performs tests within their facility using specified ASTM methods cited in program, submits test data to ASTM, and receives final summary reports.

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ASTM International Proficiency Testing Programs on Petroleum Products and Lubricants

W. CONSHOHOCKEN, Pa., -ASTM International's Proficiency Testing Programs provide participating laboratories with a statistical quality assurance (SQA) tool, enabling them to compare their performance in the use of ASTM methods against other laboratories worldwide.

The petroleum programs are sponsored by ASTM Committee D02 on Petroleum Products and Lubricants, a committee of more than 1,500 members who oversee more than 670 ASTM standards. Product programs include:

o Ultra-Low Sulfur Diesel Fuel

o Gear Oil

o General Gas Oils

o Industrial Gear Oil

o Petroleum Wax

o Motor Gasoline

o In-Service Oil Monitoring

o Reformulated Gasoline (RFG)

o Base Oil

o Turbine Oil

o Crude Oil

o #2 Diesel Fuel

o Lubricating Grease

o #6 Fuel Oil

o Automatic Transmission Fluid (ATF)

o Biodiesel

o Automotive Lubricants Additives

o Hydraulic Fluids & Oils Program

o Aviation Turbine (Jet A)Fuel

o Fuel Ethanol

o Engine Oil Lubricants

o In Service Oil Monitoring Hydraulic Fluids/Oils

About the Programs

As a program recipient, you receive different samples (representative of the product line) for each test cycle, data report forms and test instructions. Your lab performs the tests that you normally conduct within your own facility using the specified ASTM methods cited in the program. Single determinations by each lab are required, as the program does not allow the reporting of averages of replicate determinations.

Final Statistical Summary Reports

Each lab electronically submits their test data to ASTM for use in generating statistical summary reports. Final summary reports, provided in electronic format to participants only, contain: each participating lab's test results (coded for confidentiality); statistical analysis of test data; charts plotting test results versus lab code; and other pertinent information. Long-term statistical reports selected over a specified historical period will be provided for each test when sufficient amount of data is generated.

For more details, including a complete list of pricing and testing months for each program, visit go to For questions or additional information, contact

A proficiency testing program on Aromatic Hydrocarbons is also available. Visit for more information.

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