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ASTM Standard helps protect hockey players from throat injuries.

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Mar 24, 2016 - ASTM standard F3165, Specification for Throat Protective Equipment for Hockey Goaltenders, covers performance requirements and test methods for throat protectors used by ice hockey goalkeepers. Specifically, standard discusses construction of protectors, positioning of protectors with goalie masks, throat region coverage, and consumer-aimed product labeling. Test-related topics include puck-impact resistance, testing conditions, and test report criteria.

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Original Press Release

New ASTM Standard Will Help Protect Hockey Players from Throat Injuries

Press release date: Mar 21, 2016

A new ASTM International standard aims to help protect ice hockey players from potential throat injuries. The new standard (F3165, Specification for Throat Protective Equipment for Hockey Goaltenders) covers performance requirements and test methods for throat protectors used by ice hockey goalkeepers.

The new standard discusses construction of the protectors, positioning of the protectors with the goalie masks, coverage of the throat region, product labeling aimed at helping consumers, and more.  The standard also covers test-related topics such as puck-impact resistance, testing conditions, and what to include in test reports.

Mark Granger, chairman of ASTM’s subcommittee on ice hockey standards, noted that the work on a potential standard was initiated after a young ice hockey player and his father – A.J. and Jerry Ostrander – brought the concern to an ASTM meeting a few years ago after A.J.’s protector had broken a few times.

“In essence, what A.J. did was create an international standard for this piece of gear at the youngest age I’ve ever seen,” said Granger, an ASTM member since 1994. Their story will be featured in future publications of USA Hockey Magazine and ASTM’s Standardization News.

Granger says that standard could be used by organizations and associations involved in youth hockey leagues.

An annex to the standard provides requirements and physical properties for pucks to be used in throat protector testing. In addition, the annex notes that puck hardness is to be determined in accordance with ASTM’s test method for rubber property using durometers (D2240).

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