aStep Product Family Goes RoHS Compliant

Torrance, CA - ORIENTAL MOTOR USA CORP. now offers the entire aSTEP product family as RoHS compliant. The RoHS directive restricts the use of 6 hazardous substances in electric and electronic equipment. The aSTEP is an innovative stepping motor and driver unit that uses closed-loop control to eliminate missteps and loss of synchronism. The aSTEP uses a newly developed sensor to detect the step motor rotor's position by sensing the change in inductance between the moving rotor and the stationary stator teeth. This position detection sensor constantly monitors the rotor movement. If synchronism is about to be lost, closed loop control is used to ensure there is not a loss of control or position.

The full line up of aSTEP and drivers includes DC input (ACS series) and AC input (AS series). There are 3 driver types available. The AC input AS series has the pulse input and built-in controller packages. The DC input ASC series has a pulse input package. There are 3 basic aSTEP motor types, the standard motor type, the IP65 rated motor type and the geared motor type. The geared motor type is composed of the Tapered Hob (TH) geared motors, the Planetary (PN) geared motors, and the Harmonic Geared (HG) motors.

Four aSTEP motor frame sizes, 28mm (1.10"), 42mm (1.65"), 60mm (2.36') and 85mm (3.35"), are available to interface to the 3 aSTEP drivers as motors or geared motors. The 28mm frame size is provided with the ACS series only. The 85mm frame size is provided with the AS series only. The IP65 standard aSTEP is available only in the 60mm (2.36") and 85mm (3.35") AS series frame sizes. Electro-magnetic brakes are available for most aSTEP offerings. For more information please visit our Web site at or call (800) 418-7903.

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