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Ashley Ward to Work with Local School

Press release date: Feb 10, 2014

Mason, OH - Representatives from Ashley Ward, Inc. have announced an ongoing communication with Sinclair Community College, regarding educating and training students in precision machining and manufacturing. The school, based in Dayton, OH, has added Ashley Ward to its list of local companies looking to take on students as part of the ongoing effort to replenish the dwindling labor force in the manufacturing sector.

With programs in machining and manufacturing, Sinclair teaches students the fundamentals and gives them the opportunity to learn a skill that is being lost as baby boomers continue to retire. Ashley Ward will be allowing students to Co-Op in their 100,000 square foot headquarters, in order to give the students more experience, as well as train them in the skills of precision machining.

Terry Bien, President of Ashley Ward, expressed his company’s philosophy on the subject. “Everyone in our industry is struggling to find help, and we are all looking at people already in the industry. In order for us to distinguish ourselves and keep our business running, we understand the additional need to educate the younger generation and to give them the opportunity to learn.”

As part of their ongoing communication, Ashley Ward and Sinclair are looking into furthering the machining and manufacturing programs at the new Mason campus. In addition, they are looking into adding specialized classes within those programs focusing on screw machining and precision grinding. Both parties are also looking to partner with other local businesses and trade organizations to help spread the word and grow the initiative.

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