Ashland's new PLIODECK® Membrane Adhesive Features Labor-Saving Application

DUBLIN, Ohio - Saving time means saving money on roofing installations, and that's what Ashland's new PLIODECK membrane adhesive brings to roofing contractors. Formally introduced at the International Roofing Exposition by Ashland Specialty Polymers and Adhesives (SP&A), a business group of Ashland Specialty Chemical, a division of Ashland Inc. (NYSE:ASH), PLIODECK membrane adhesive is a one-part, moisture-cure urethane adhesive that delivers superior performance when compared to traditional solvent-based, single-ply membrane bonding adhesives.

"This adhesive brings a new innovation to the roofing industry and eliminates two-sided application and solvent 'flash off' wait before laying in the membrane," said Randy Waddell, global marketing manager, building and construction, for Ashland SP&A. "Our easy to apply system provides significant labor savings over traditional, roller-applied membrane bonding adhesives with the added advantage of virtually eliminating VOC and HAP emissions."

PLIODECK membrane adhesives build on the innovation and success of Ashland's PLIODECK insulation adhesive. Both product lines deliver high performance and ease of use in an environmentally responsible technology.

For more information contact Ron Freeland, senior product manager, building and construction adhesives, at (614) 790-3598.

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