ARmark Authentication Technologies Provides Technology That Could Quickly Identify Source of Future Food Contaminations, Like in Current Spinach Scare

GLEN ROCK, Pa., Sept. 25 // -- ARmark(TM) Authentication
Technologies, LLC, has developed a technology that covertly marks products
with a unique code that can be applied directly onto products, including
foods such as produce and meats, to provide rapid authentication, consumer
protection and risk mitigation. This technology can help to quickly
identify the source of a contamination -- like in the current spinach E.
coli contamination -- protecting the integrity of organizations not
responsible for producing contaminated goods and enabling quick, precise
recall of products in the marketplace that could be dangerous.

"To develop a taggant to covertly label or mark produce, like spinach,
so that each supplier has its own unique taggant could easily be done.
Identifying the origin of contamination, like in the current spinach scare,
could be done immediately with our technology," said Jeff Robertson,
General Manager of ARmark(TM), a wholly owned subsidiary of Adhesives

ARmark(TM) covert markers are customized to deliver specific benefits.
They are available in food and pharmaceutical grade materials and offer
infinite possibilities for item level brand owner authentication such as
shapes, numbers, patterns, text, and logos. They provide buried levels of
security (hidden within multiple levels of product construction) and have
the potential for forensic levels of authentication (DNA-type tagging).
Capabilities also include "inside-outside" product verification (within the
product, on the product, on the packaging, etc.) and can function in a
broad range of environmental conditions (hot, cold, etc.). ARmark(TM)
markers are easily integrated into existing manufacturing and production

The markers are identified via special detectors that offer non-
destructive analysis of the item and are easy to use, field capable, and

"Our technology is being incorporated into labels and films for
packaging of electronics, luxury goods, and pharmaceuticals and is proving
to be very successful," added Robertson.

ARmark(TM)'s covert markers aid in brand protection, product surety and
risk mitigation to fight global counterfeiting and can be combined with
custom-developed delivery systems for application to a variety of goods,
including pharmaceuticals, packaging, food, apparel, currency, bonds and
documents. ARmark(TM) can positively impact authentication and verification
of goods and manage brand theft, trademark infringement, piracy,
counterfeiting and forgery.

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